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 Farnin {Pre Helix Crisis}

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Approved#1PostSubject: Farnin {Pre Helix Crisis}   Farnin {Pre Helix Crisis} EmptySat Mar 25, 2017 2:52 pm

Farnin {Pre Helix Crisis} Unname10

Habitable: Yes
Terrain: Temperate valleys among hilly Nordic climates.48% of the planet is covered by the Farnin metropolis.
Size: Large
Population: 12 Billion {Pre-Scythe Virus}

Location: Farnin on map

Being an human world the planet still retains some GSU technology now influenced,changed and improved by the Varanus,military outposts are built to Imperial standards and is thus more advanced the most other buildings on the planet.An influx of technologies and goods pass through the markets of Farnin leading to strange and exotic discoveries.

Originally an den for pirates and smugglers before Omega was established and was left uninhabited until colonists who wished to cede away from the UNSC arrived to find a bountiful world unclaimed by others.For 12 long years they prospered under an democratic rule until recently with the introduction of the Machine-Industrial-Service-Act.

An act that impoverished many on the planet as the rich tycoons there had little need to keep an organic workforce,this riled up the population who's attempts at fighting back was struck down by police forces and legal action.

Things stagnated until the rise of Douglas and his Reformation movement,after weeks of undermining the state's goals with the secret aid of the Serpentum Intelligence Corps and the Shadows of Kumakatole.When they successfully took control of the city the Imperium sent food and medical aid to the impoverished citizenry.Not long after that Douglas signed the agreement that would make Farnin an autonomous vassal state under the Imperium.

The Grand Duchy of Farnin:

Then the Grand Duchy of Farnin was born,the Imperium instilled national pride into the planet and assimilated the population into their empire,each citizen became both an citizen of Farnin and of the Imperium.Today Farnin acts as the greatest market world in the Imperium as it attracts merchants from all over the galaxy who wish to trade with Imperials.   


From an distance Farnin looks like any regular human world,they retained their culture and style despite living under Imperial rule and accepting their cultural beliefs.Among the beautiful snow covered peaks of the Nordic hills lies valleys of oaken trees.

Farnin Cityscape:

The Metropolis of Farnin covers 48% of the planet's landmass,it is considered one of the largest single cities in the Imperium,despite the best efforts of the Imperial Justice Forum and the Duchy Enforcers it remains having one of the highest crime rates in the Imperium. Most say it is because of how much coin flows through the markets...It calls to the weak willed like a disease.....

Because of the majority of crimes are commited by Humans rather the Varanidae or Xaerrians these races usually blame the humans of being decadent which has caused some minor social divides among the human and alien population,however the majority still feels committed to serve the collective rather then to focus on such trivial problems.

Farnin Marketplace Stalls:

Because of the free market found on Farnin it has become a popular trading station for both merchants and smugglers,because of this the Imperial Trade Guild has increased it's habit of inspecting cargo ships before they reach the markets.

The planet's moon also contains an spaceport for the local fleet,the spaceport also repairs military ships of allied nations of the Imperium for a modest fee.

Farnin is known as the gateway to the Imperium not only because of it's markets but because it is one of the few places outsiders can request for the Imperial Security codes needed to visit the Imperial Core worlds.
Places of interest:

Farnin Market District:Spans over 38% of the entire city officially,almost anything can be found here and if not check the darker corners for the more "illegal variety" of goods.

Farnin {Pre Helix Crisis} F9d16610

Farnin Arena:Farnin is one of the few vassal worlds that have their own arena and one with the same standard of bloodshed and entertainment like the Sunken Arena of New Serpentum. 

*For more information refer to the tourists guide of the Grand Duchy of Farnin found in the *future* Faction Hall of the Serpentum Imperium.

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Farnin {Pre Helix Crisis}

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