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Approved#1PostSubject: Whitland   Whitland EmptyThu Mar 30, 2017 2:09 am

Name: Whitland
Habitable:  Yes
Terrain:  Mainly arid desert/scrublands, with a below-freezing south pole 
Size: Medium
Population: 80% Human, 20% Other
Location: Any

Development Thread: If the planet contains any powerful locations or objects, a thread must accompany the submission to earn the right to create such a place.

Old but still advanced technology compared to today's lies in every one of the mining settlements located on the planet. Several tribal level groups are on the planet's less arid areas.

Across the world, various types of alien technology are hidden under the sands.

In 2107, Human colonists first discovered Whitland and began to set up small settlements, naming it after the captain who led the first exploration to discover it, John Whitland. After a loss of funding, the colonies began to dwindle, as groups of the settlers moved away from the mining settlements to become tribal groups known as the Prowlers. Overtime, as alien species began to discover the planet and its vast amounts of metals and oils, they began to claim the resource-filled world to no avail, leaving scraps of destroyed alien technology scattered across the planet.

There are several main settlements/factions that reside in the more desert of areas.

-Cormstock: Named after its founder , Victor Cormstock, this small city-state was created in a religious pilgrimage after Cormstock and his group of extremists were banished from their cult, forcing them to settle down on Whitland. To this day, they still perform rituals and other cult activities, even if their calmer main cult has died out. The Cormstockers are extremely xenophobic, suspicious of anyone who enters their city. 

Freeland- An ironic name for the mega-city, set up three centuries ago, as it has become a hub for all manners of shady activities, including slavery and drug smuggling. It's highest point stand eighteen hundred feet high, and spans so wide, it can be seen from space. It is known that the slave-herders who now rule the city are in cahoots with the local Prowler tribes, seen when Vox is raided every now and then by both Prowlers and Freeland Pirates.

Vox- a Mining outpost first set up by Potrosi Monopolies several decades ago, it has grown into a bustling city-state, even having its own democratic government system. People here are mellow and generally kind to outsiders, being lowly farmers for the most part. Somehow, the people here have figured out how to maintain small ponds and lakes of water, most likely due to Potrosi assistance. The people of Vox live in a semi-peace with the Prowlers, with the tribals knowing that if they attack they will be utterly annihilated by the alien forces backing them, and the statesmen giving the local Prowlers a share of Vox's food every month.

The Prowlers are spilt up between several main tribes that live in the scrubland north/ cold south:

-Clomerain: the Domain of Clomerain is the closest a Prowler Tribe has come to a modern state. With an established government and several war bands of militia, the Clomerain are able to hold their patch of fertile but dry land with ease, and has close ties as an ally of the Voxian people. Unlike the other Tribes, the Clomerain try their best to avoid taking slaves and avoid war as much as possible.

-Running Blades: The Running Blades Warband is a massive nomadic band of raiders, using looted vehicles from the city-states and nearby Prowler Gangs. They usually launch raids on smaller, non-affiliated settlements and mining operations, but have been known to attack  Cormstock on multiple occasions.

-Forr: Similar to Vikings of Earth's history, The land of Forr is located in cold reaches, especially the near pole area. They are attuned to hunt and live by the massive furry beasts that live there, and wear their skins as both warmth and  thanks to the creatures for their meat and furs. The Forr always use blunt weaponry, mainly to knock their foes out to use later as slaves.

-Junkheads: Junkheads are the most tech-savvy of the main warbands/groups, having made their own muskets and revolvers from their home, a massive scrap yard known as "The Waste". They guard their metal with an iron fist, on the near cusp of industrialism, and are planning to built a factory (most likely worked by slaves). Junkhead are also known to create their own buggies and launch raids onto Freeland every now and then for more technology.
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