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 Divinia Ignis

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Approved#1PostSubject: Divinia Ignis    Fri Apr 07, 2017 2:42 pm

Name: Divinia Ignis
Habitable: Yes
Terrain: In places that aren't coverd by megapolis of New Jerusalem, it is mostly forrests, and mountains from where most rivers find their source, and of course a sea
Size: Medium
Population: 99.9% Human and 0.1% some hibrids from before a purge
Location: It is set 330 degrees line on the map, and is 30.000 ly away from earth

Development Thread: N/A

It is high, and who put it there is somewhat a mystery, most technologies found there are based on those that came with fallen vessels, which origins are hard to trace, but at least one was a Human ship, other than that loclas had build upon the tech they had found

Who discovered the planet, or how humans had ended up there is realy unknown, and most people there don't realy care about it. What they care about is the fact that they were constantly raided by Elves, toyed by mages, invaded by demons at one point, basicly it was a miracle that they survivied that long. But then "Holy Rain" happened, this event gave the human population advance tech, and means to understand said tech, and also this one Holy Bible that jumpstarted their religion, other races left them be since, metal was falling on their heads so it is better to leave them alone. Soon after that New Jerusalem was established in crater where many ships had fallen, from there Theocracy had emerged and started their reign, after few years of building up and defending against usual, Humans had launche A Purge in which they cleanesd Divinia Ignis from all the filth.

Most of the planet is covered by the City of New Jerusalem, which is orginised into 12 main Districts, each with their Monastary which is also a Fortress, and main base of army in this Sector. There are 12 Orders, each for every District, this orders consist of every firstborn, and volounteers. The main seat of Power of the Theocracy is located in the central disrtict, and its Citadel Chapel, the rest of the planet is coverd by forrests and mountains, from which rivers flow to the sea. Each Order(Except one located in central District) is overseen by Grand-Bishop or Grand Cannones, The Central District is overseen by Great Patriarch or Great Matriarch, at any given time there can be only one Great Patriarch or Great Matriarch , also they are the SUpreme Leader of Theocracy, who is more warlordy version of a Pope.
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Divinia Ignis

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