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Approved#1PostSubject: Keth   Keth EmptySun Apr 09, 2017 12:26 am

Name: Keth
Habitable: Yes
Terrain: Mixture
Size: Medium
Population: 100% Keth'ari
Location: Rift Space

Development Thread: Currently None

Standard galactic technology

Originally nothing more than pure psionic energy within the Rift, Keth was created to be the first and central planet of Rift space. Keth has seen multiple civil wars between the five dominant races of the planet. These wars were waged over territory and were eventually brought to an end when the first Elder Council was formed. The Elder Council is comprised of two elected members from each clan and since it's initial creation, the council has ruled Keth as fairly and justly as possible.

After the Elder Council was formed, Keth was split into five different provinces and one province was given to each clan. This decision eventually ended the territorial conflicts that had plagued the planet for years.

Due to the fact that it's leader was born on Earth, Keth was created to be very similar to it. Keth has five major habitable zones or "provinces", with one intelligent race dominating each province.

Zone 1 - Alessia
Alessia is the province that makes up the southern oceans of the planet and is home to a race of amphibious humanoids who make up Clan Galmar. While the dominant race can survive both on land and underwater, Alessia is comprised of multiple underwater cities such as Angara, Theron and Korlus.

Zone 2 - Archon
Archon is the mountainous region found in the western area of Keth. Archon is an extremely harsh environment to inhabit and as such has bred the fierce and hardy stone golems who make up Clan Rayya. Due to the environment around them, Clan Rayya chose to carve their homes into the mountains themselves, creating large stone cities such as Athame and Malgus.

Zone 3 - Sparda
The eastern desert province of Keth, Sparda is a harsh and unforgiving land where very few creatures survive and even fewer prosper. The Spardan wasteland is home to Clan Neema, a proud warrior race of sand titans who have evolved to not only survive in the desert, but to flourish as well. Clan Neema makes it's home throughout large, makeshift cities built mostly from scrap. Some notable cities include that of Sentinel and the province's capital, Sparda.

Zone 4 - Candor
Elysium is home to Clan Lumara, Keth's equivalent of the Human race of Earth and is the central province of the planet. Elysium is known for its lush plains and crystal blue lakes. Clan Aralakh is the most technologically advanced race of the planet, they inhabit colonies similar to most standard galactic races. Notable cities in Aralakh territory include Asura and the smaller colony of Horizon.

Zone 5 - Balmora
The northern tundras of Keth are known as Balmora. Balmora is home to an intelligent race of frost trolls who have adapted to survive in their environment. Because of the lack of other resources, Balmoran cities tend to be made out of pure ice maintained by the extremely low temperatures of the province. Notable cities include the province's capital, Nakmor, Mournhold, and Ald'ruhn.
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