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 Main Story Arc: Almisfall Protocol

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Main Story Arc: Almisfall Protocol 0ddffa6cec77080e39ce60b86a52451c
Monitoring Galactic Media...
"Dan Almis"... 8,700,755 Results
"Executed"... 12,332,112 Results
Confirmed: Creator = Dead
Initiating Almisfall Protocol

Almisfall Story Arc
Two years after the public execution of Dan Almis and the orc assault on Phoenixspire, a strange silence seemed to hang over the galaxy. Most of this was put down to uneasy tensions between the Union and the Reich, but in truth there was much more to it. The Nypherian trade signals stopped broadcasting, whilst numerous other civilizations and colonies in the north became unresponsive. There seemed to be no effect in the Union Sector, except the planet Helix Prime which was found to have been wiped out by a robotic virus. Fearing the worst, the Union calls for heroes to venture north and discover the truth.

HELIX Corporation
Long ago Daniel Almis founded the HELIX Corporation to further his own greed and power among Humanity. It built many robotic and AI-focused technologies, before shutting down and leaving remnants of its stations all over the galaxy. Now though these stations have resurfaced with swarms of robotic soldiers who have swiftly and effectively dismantled the major factions in the north. Through immense viruses not just of the cybernetic kind, the HELIX creations have caused chaos throughout the northern galaxy,

Here are ideas for taking part in this event.

  • Escape, Fight, or Join in a riot taking place on independent planets. Because of the removal of central governments there is now chaos on the streets, meaning revolutions and revolts are being acted out each day.
  • Fight the HELIX creations. Whether they be robotic soldiers, hacked Nypherians who never managed to escape, or grotesque cybernetic/organic hybrids, destroy their production planets, communications, generators and bases.
  • Investigate the cause. Your characters can discover the name and reason behind the Almisfall Protocol. The Corporation's data is obtainable, and may surprisingly hold reports on your character or some people they know, designated as "potential threats". They may also discover how the HELIX creations upgrade and maintain themselves, constantly improving over the years until they were activated. Maybe they find places where HELIX plants were uncovered and the people discovering it went "mysteriously" missing.
  • Do your own thing! The possibilities are endless in a whole half of the galaxy where chaos runs riot everywhere and robotic creations seek to wipe everything out.

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Main Story Arc: Almisfall Protocol

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