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 Sylvia Roothearth

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Approved#1PostSubject: Sylvia Roothearth   Sylvia Roothearth EmptyWed Jul 12, 2017 6:18 pm

Name: Sylvia Roothearth
Species: Dracholmian Sun elf
Age: 45 (19 looking)
Alignment: Lawful

Medical History
During the destruction of her faction, Sylvia lost an arm wich has been replaced by a cybernetic, bionic arm. She is a medic herself and thus has not much of a medical history as she takes care of wounds herself.


-Immortal blink harness.
-Immortal lover armor.
-Immortal deflect knives.
-1 Immortal healing bubble.
-Immortal healing frags
-Immortal healing rifle
-Grizzly light bow
-Immortal light shield
-Grapple hook and lotusblade.

Versatile. Sylvia is a capable combatant in close range with a number of gadgets and martial arts and over long range with her bow and even longer range if she is given a sniper rifle. Her main stick though is healing and other forms of support. She can not only keep someone healed and save them from death. But also can she infiltrate or flank behind enemy and sabotage defensive structures.

Charm, she can make herself apear attractive and desirable to anyone to persuade them and enchant animals to help and protect herself, regardless of their training.

she used to be the princess of the sunset isles until it was taken over by the renegades, like any other sun elf who didnt leave yet she underwent the most gruesome sorts of torture, she was the chosen one (so to say) of her race and the man who impersonated her father tried to sacrifice her to his god, but she barely escaped and lost everything. she arrived in dracholm and lived there for years until she embarked on a journey on wich she died...

many years later a blasphemous scientific revived her for the sole reason that they could. sylvia, who still had a hatred of slavery discovered that the laboratories used unwilling human test subjects, and shut them down to free the subjects, now she wanders the galaxy looking for slave owners to stick her arrows in.
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Sylvia Roothearth

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