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 Kaiyan Vivar "Kai"

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Approved#1PostSubject: Kaiyan Vivar "Kai"    Kaiyan Vivar "Kai"  EmptyThu Jul 13, 2017 12:45 pm

Name: Kaiyan Vivar
Species: Varanus
Age: 129
Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Medical History
Requires vaccine samples of local illnesses and bacteria should the bounty take place in a world Kaiyan has not yet visited without his sealed power armour. 


Various Varanus technologies unless Equipment is provided by the contractor.
Data Sphere
Vermass'k Power armour {Pressurized}

Former Imperial Legionnaire training allows Kaiyan to excel in various enviroments,he does however prefer tropical and desert enviroments and will charge extra should the bounty take place on a frozen or tundra planet.

Has basic engineering skill and should be able self-maintain his own equipment in the field.

Advanced piloting skills.

Expert sword-fighter

Imperial Legion training {Closest resemblance in the milky way should be spartan training},Varanus technologies designed to enchance performance.

The following racial abilities:

Heightened senses,regeneration,heightened stamina,

Chosen from birth to join the Imperial Military,Kaiyan was bred and groomed into the Legion and was one of the few legionnaires to board the Ark as the race fled seeking a new galaxy to call home. However as the Ark crashed into what is now called New Serpentum Kaiyan became tired of the bickering of the nobles.....Soon enough Kaiyan found himself fighting against those he called brother in a conflict of confusion as somebody within Imperial Command placed a bounty on him.

He exiled himself from the Imperium,selling his skills to fund his own investigation into who wants him dead and building a group of allies he can trust should he find himself facing the entire Imperium.





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Kaiyan Vivar "Kai"

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