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 The Freelancer

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The Freelancer
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The Freelancer

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Name: The Freelancer (To Most) Xytan (His real name, to just a few)
Species: Unknown, robotic in nature however his body is no composed of metal, rather, a material that closely resembles it in appearance and durability. He does not "run" on electricity either, but some sort of glowing light blue fluid that acts similar to blood in organic beings.
Age: 250-something
Alignment: Neutral

Medical History: N/A

Equipment: An entire arsenal of weaponry and gadgets collected and constructed over time as he grew and improved his skill as a bounty hunter. Personal ship known as The Nemesis.

Specialization: Infiltration, Assassination, Apprehension, Espionage, Recon

None of the supernatural kind. Excels in hand to hand combat (armed and unarmed). Pinpoint accuracy with precision and non-precision weaponry ranging from pistols, machineguns and sniper rifles as well as heavy weaponry and explosives. Able to lift at least 30 tonnes (and more when in combat situations). Naturally armoured "skin" makes him immune to small arms fire, however he tends to wear additional armour on top of it. For his size, he is incredibly fast. He is able to run at speeds exceeding 65mph.

A special ability of his is to slow down his perception of time so that the world around him moves at slow motion, while retaining his own speed. It is because of this ability that one can often observe him "snapping" into a position or stance or sometimes appearing out of nowhere up close when at first it was thought that he was some considerable distance away. To further add onto this ability, he can divide his perception of reality into multiple different "frames of reference" where he can observe different things going around him all at once and make a tactical decision. Lastly, The Freelancer shares a technopathic relationship with his ship, The Nemesis and is able to command it from limited distances. This technopathic ability also allows him to interface with most other technologies.

He is able to detect changes in the atmosphere such as pressure and airborne chemicals (effectively allowing him to smell things) as well as heat and radiation. His optics are able to zoom in and focus on things that are some distance away - although to a limited extent. His head is comparable to a biological supercomputer - able to comprehend and calculate complex mathematical problems in seconds which is useful for interfacing with and breaking through passcode locks on computers.

Much of The Freelancer's history is unknown to many. Through some small conversations with individuals that have worked with him on occasion, he has opened up to an extent. What is known is that he is from an unknown planet from an unknown sector of the galaxy. His species, also unknown, had achieved a sophisticated level of technological understanding but for some reason, he exiled himself from the planet a hundred or so years ago.

Over the years, he built up his career and reputation as a galactic bounty hunter and mercenary. In the recent century, he has had multiple encounters with the GSU military - working both for and against them at times. Through his travels, he has built up an extensive knowledge of galactic navigation and a vast number different species that inhabit the galaxy as well as their empires, planets, governments and culture.

Many unrecorded contracts preceding the Guild itself.
Fall of the Syndicate.
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The Freelancer

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