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 Beginner's guide to the Imperium.

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The Imperium
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#1PostSubject: Beginner's guide to the Imperium.   Sun Aug 06, 2017 7:53 pm


Hello and welcome to the Serpentum Imperium's faction hall.

This comprehensive guide is aimed to provide a convenient portal to the empire's info/lore and other neat little things we possess.I amĀ @X-Calibur the faction admin and {lorewise-Founder} and before we get into anything else I want to make it perfectly clear on what I want from our members.

Faction Hall <-----Look here for a short description on what we are about.

We want:

  • Members willing to work together to create interesting plots and lore.
  • Members who are active {We know that IRL problems demand your full attention and will understand if you need to take a potentially long break from rping}
  • Members who contribute to the diversity of the empire and the site as a whole by making species and lore related to it.

What we do not allow:

  • If you cause trouble amongst other members expect that trouble to backfire upon you.
  • If you use the faction to try and godmod/or create chaos that goes against the site rules in general
  • If you belittle other's works
  • Disrespect

Any questions should be referred to our Moderators

Links to lore:

The Empire Summery Here

-to be added soon-


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Beginner's guide to the Imperium.

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