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 Xailas Dragonskin

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Xailas Dragonskin

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Name: Xailas Dragonskin
Species: Human
Age: 31
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Medical History


Able to withstand most forms of fire and heat and excels at unarmed combat. Their scales defend against a variety of weapons.

- Dragonskin, Xailas is able to produce bronze dragon scales to coat his body. They are very tough, providing him with defence as well as enhancing his strength. As they are dragon scales they offer protection from fire and other forms of extreme heat. He can alter the temperature of his scales, raising it so that it can burn whatever it is in contact with. This is achieved through increasing his metabolism, meaning he is often hungry to fuel his heat.

Xailas comes from a long line of well-known alchemists. He spent most of his childhood in an isolated mountain range as his parents were researching the various alchemic properties and uses of dragon scales and the mountains were home to many unique species. Despite his parents' hope for him to continue the family work, Xailas struggled greatly at alchemy and the art of transmuting the world around him. However, he found he excelled at altering his own body and trained to take on the aspects of the dragons he saw daily. To this day he bears countless scars across his body until he eventually mastered the ability. The scales he uses as a reference came from a dragon hatchling he cared for briefly before they grew larger and became too wild to be safe around. After Convergence, he set out to discover other fantastical things like the dragons he admired. Due to his isolated origin, he has very few ties and hires out his services as a mercenary and bounty hunter as it allows him to travel far and remain impartial. His family name is known to very few, upon leaving his home he took the name 'Dragonskin' and that is what he is known as in business.


Yet to accept any through the guild.
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Xailas Dragonskin

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