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 Planet Komodo

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This planet in the Komodo System as a breathable atmosphere as well as local plant life. Temperatures on the surface are generally quite warm despite its low heat sun, and there are its fair share of dangers to be dealt with on the surface. It is in the Komodo Sector. It is between Abraxis and Swichi 4B, closer to Swichi.

Geographic Terms

Due to the Vekimens desire to be underground, but their understanding that the surface is important, the Planet has two official Geographic Scapes.

Komodo Surface

The Planet Surface of Komodo is mostly water and ice, with a single large continent pocketed with large lakes. Hardy flora and fauna inhabit the planet, some more dangerous than others, but the Vekimen's nature makes this a planet rather suitable for them. The only initial signs of habitation is a single large hangar door that acts as the entrance to the Komodo Caverns.

The Surface is toxic, but not because of the atmosphere, but because of the pollen of the various plants are toxic. The air is often filled with it especially in vegetation populated locations. Wind storms kick up this pollen, making the surface almost impossible to inhabit safely without life support systems. Some safe-zones exist, but this is entirely based on weather. Underground is the only surefire place to be safe from the spores.

Komodo Caverns

The Komodo Caverns are currently a rather small place in comparison to what they can make them. Entering the Komodo Caverns, a Ship will have to navigate quite the distance underground before reaching one of the Caverns Hangar bay. These are the Central hubs for all traffic in and out of the Caverns, growing larger and larger every day to hold the prospective amount of Traffic to the planet. Each hangar can currently hold up to 30 ships no larger than 500mx250mx100m in dimensions. More if ships are smaller vessels. 

Komodo City: Komodo City is the first city on Planet Komodo. It is a megacity in proportions with several hundreds of millions of Vekimen as it's population. While there are other cities in the Caverns, Komodo City is by far the largest of them all, and the one housing the Vekimen Defensive Task Forces Headquarters.

VDTFF Shexala: The VDTFF Shexala Military Fortress is the largest surface military structure on the planet. Tasked with the defence of the entire planet from attack should the orbital defences fail, it is heavily stocked to prepare for the worst. It is also where a vast majority of the VDTF Research and Development happens. 

VDTF-ODSF Khelena: Named after the Sraralumee in command at the creation of this Station, the Khelena Orbital Defensive Space Fortress is the Orbital command and control for the Vekimen. It is also their orbital fleet yards and training location for space troops, the station is in itself a City.

Planet Komodo Fetch.php?media=public_domain:worldgen

PhysicsDespite the planets distance from it's far away sun, the surface is rather warm. Massive undersea volcanic vents warm the ocean water up and the heat is maintained by the high, 42 parts per thousand, salt content of the ocean. While there have bee no intelligent species found on the planet, the most predominant creatures on the planet are insects. From small, tiny insects, to massive colossal beasts that seem to defy gravity.
This is not the only danger on the planet. While the atmosphere is perfectly breathable, the massive trees let off pollen and spores that are toxic to most foreign life forms. While this is a hazard, there are locations on the planet that are safe. Near the shores, the poles, or under ground, with the underground being the only 100% safe location.

  • Type Large iron/silicate
  • Radius 8697.09 km (1.36 x earth)
  • Surface Area 9.51 x 108 km2
  • Land Area 3.52 x 108 km2 (2.36 x earth)
  • Mass 1.48 x 1025 kg (2.48 x earth)
  • Density 5.37 g/cm3 (0.97 x earth)
  • Composition 37.5% oxygen, 31.8% iron, 13.5% titanium, 13.1% silicon, 4.1% other metals, trace other elements


  • Gravity 13.00 m/s2 (1.33 x earth)
  • Escape Velocity 15.04 km/s
  • Rotation
  • Period 24.76 hours
  • Axis Tilt 61.77 °


  • Water 64 %
  • Ice 47 %


  • Type Breathable
  • Pressure 160.06 kPa (1.58 x earth)
  • Composition 70.1% Nitrogen, 22.2% oxygen, 7.7% carbon dioxide, trace other gases


  • Type Cool
  • Min Temp 241 K (-32 °C; -25.6 °F)
  • Avg Temp 295 K (22 °C; 71.6 °F)
  • Max Temp 329 K (56 °C; 132.8 °F)
  • Biosphere
  • Chemistry Carbon
  • Lifeforms Microbes, plants, insects


  • Type Civilization
  • Population ~100,000
  • Society Stratocracy
  • Tech Level Interplanetary Basic
  • Currency Vekimen Scal
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Planet Komodo

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