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 Aaon of Zebulon

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Aaon Zebulon
Aaon Zebulon


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Public#1PostSubject: Aaon of Zebulon   Aaon of Zebulon EmptyFri Sep 01, 2017 6:05 pm

Name: Aaon of Zebulon
Species: Reapers
Age: 82
Faction: House of Zebulon
Alignment: Chaotic (Chaotic, Neutral, Lawful?)
Reapers have always been creature of no qualms. They take what they wish and discard the rest. Although they have been known to help in cases of dire need. Mostly, Reapers care less for there world, Even less of for there fellow brethren.

With great physical power at birth, Reapers have always been known to do thing sin order to there line of light (Feelings). With the added bonus of great Wisdom and knowledge, it is not often they can be tricked as well. (Recommended minimum 2)

Many reapers lake magical power to a fault that. In the many decades that they have existed, only five have ever been able to access the force. Due to there slender built bodies, there resistance to magical force is very low for some and none existent to most. It is said that in the elden times, only the house of Levi have ever been granted the bodies to be able to resist curses for they where the only house that moved away from the taboo of magic. (Recommended minimum 2)

Every Reaper that becomes of age is grated two thing s by the house leader. A Claw blade, Surgically, attached to the right forearm, and a bright flame the floats on there heads. the flame is used to enter the inhabitance of there lands and a way from there to speak with out opening there mouths. All though they have wings flight is and will always be straining with a limit of caring two.

Reapers excel in the transference of information "veva" telepathy. This is due to the flame that floats on there head and has a range of 10 miles. At a young age this is the duty of a young reaper to be able to learn how to use and control this ability. Other than that the gift of flight is granted at age 50 when the bones on the band finally finish developing and flight is given. All though it is quite hard to keep in the air with extra bodies. Lifting a max weight of 60LB is quite common among Reapers.

It has been 32 years after leaving the motherland. Now that Aaon has worked and paid his due to the house he is ready to start on his home. Working hard to travel and see what his life is made for.
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Aaon of Zebulon

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