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 Malloc'akai Kelleron

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Malloc'akai Kelleron Empty#1PostSubject: Malloc'akai Kelleron   Malloc'akai Kelleron EmptySun Sep 03, 2017 4:02 am

Name: Kelleron
Species: Tsukam
Age: 4,635
Faction: Tsukam'akai
Alignment: Neutral


-As the Malloc'Akai of the Tsukam he is recognised as the one above all in terms of pure power
-Highly Intelligent, even beyond the normal levels of Tsukam

-Physically fragile
-Highly Sensitive tail
-Difficulty adapting to temperature changes



-Naturally agile
-Energy/Matter creation abilities


Kelleron was created by the former Malloc'akai upon their colonisation of Tsuka, seeking to create a suitable Malloc'ak to rule the planet as an extension of their will as would normally be the case. The methods used to create Kelleron were highly experimental however, as during their creation Kelleron's being was created, by order of the (at that time) Tsukam'akai, using also the energy of a small star to form Kelleron. The Tsukam'akai were unsure what effect such violent energies would have on the formation, and in fact many Tsukam were drawn into a project of such magnitude as they feared they'd need all that could be spared to handle the burden of this task. When the allotted time came and the formation began the strain was far beyond what they'd expected, even with a large proportion of the strongest Malloc sharing the burden most did not survive the ordeal, yet in the end the forming was a success and Kelleron was made.

Throughout training they were watched carefully by the Malloc'ak and the Malloc'akai themselves for signs of irregularity, which soon showed in their unprecedented abilities, and upon the conclusion of Kelleron's training he was found far stronger and so took on the mantle of the Malloc'akai, the strongest maker of the empire. Kelleron took the mantle as was their due and drove the empire, taking them into advancement upon advancement at a rate previously unimaginable, until the convergeance happened.

When the convergeance began, Kelleron along with every other Tsukam sealed themselves in stasis to wait out the violent energies, oblivious to the fact that all alarms and emergency procedures were corrupted and so stuck in stasis along with the rest of their race.


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Malloc'akai Kelleron

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