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 Malloc'ak Skelk

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Malloc'ak Skelk Empty#1PostSubject: Malloc'ak Skelk   Malloc'ak Skelk EmptySun Sep 03, 2017 4:25 am

Name: Skelk
Species: Tsukam
Age: 4,136
Faction: Tsukam'akai
Alignment: Neutral


-Extremely agile
-Master of armed/unarmed combat

-Difficulty adapting to temperature
-Sensitive tail
-Physically weak


-Creates equipment by need using matter manipulation


-Energy/Matter creation ability
-Can create near any personal weapon on demand
-Excels in combat

Skelk- Malloc'ak of the Menra clan

Skelk is one of the few Tsukam that found joys other than creation, mainly the joys of combat and utilising their abilities as a maker in a more direct fashion than the majority of their race. Formed early on in the rising of Tsuka Skelk's raw power and demonstration of ability during their training gained them the position of Malloc'ak, their clan grew rapidly throughout the ranks of the Tsukam'akai to stand foremost, boasting the strongest makers and most varied creations. 

Unfortunately when war burst out Skelk was one of the first to turn their clan towards military creations, an unpopular move that cost them most of their clan families and a great deal of support. Still they continued to support the war effort more so than any other clan, even on occasion going so far as to step out themselves onto the battlefield, a move that scandalised the majority of the Tsukam. As war went out Skelk and the Menra were seen to spend more time on the battlefields, leading actions by themselves and fighting, Skelk always being seen to carve a swathe through their opponents, creating weapons to suit the situation and using each to deadly effect.

At the conclusion of the war the Menra clan were by far the smallest of any clan left in Tsukam'akai society, most of it's members having left due to Skelk's radical approach to warfare, and they were regarded as the military arm of the Tsukam'akai. Skelk was considered a force of death on any battlefield they visited, a near limitless one person armory, capable of viewing and understanding a weapon then replicating it within their own arms and use it to deadly effect. Soon they came to be known as the general of the empire, shunned by most yet treated as a necessity for their deadly armed prowess.

Yet now they lay with the rest of their race below the surface of Tsuka, in stasis to protect themselves from the Convergeance and with no way of waking due to it's effects.



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Malloc'ak Skelk

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