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 Ace in crashlandings

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Ace in crashlandings Empty#1PostSubject: Ace in crashlandings   Ace in crashlandings EmptyMon Sep 04, 2017 3:47 pm

Name: Velis Nyxie
Species: Birdbrain
Age: Unknown, and it's hard to tell by her mannerisms.
Faction: Neutral, though she is close friends with Vicyeth.
Alignment: Neutral


-Flight, despite frequently crashing Velis' top speed in flight is rather high. It doesnt aproach the sound barrier but it is rather high for an organic creatures. She finds evasive maneuvres easy and will oftenly fly through narrow gaps that no one in their right mind will fly through.
-Feathered. With her feathered body, Velis has no requirement for warm clothing to survive the cold nor does she really need a towel to dry off as her feathers are water repellent.
-Siren's song. Velis is not a good singer, instead when she decides to sing (wich is not rare) she will let out an earpiercing screech that is certain to bother anyone in earshot.

-Intelligence. Just like Vicyeth, Velix is stupid as hell. Wich sometimes is an advantage to help her dodge by mindlessly flying/running around but in most cases just makes her irritating to be around.
-No hands. Velis has no hands, wich means that when she has to pick up something she will awkwardly hold it with her wings if she cant do it with the claws on her legs.
-Not subtle. Velis should not be put in a situation where discretion is required. Much like Vicyeth her presence will not go unnoticed.




Not much is known about the moronic harpy known as Velis, though many have tried to keep her away from Vicyeth to reduce overal destructivity. But due to the unpredictable nature of both they eventually did meet and due to their equal stupidity, they became close friends. 
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Ace in crashlandings

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