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Approved#1PostSubject: Meopra   Meopra EmptyTue Sep 05, 2017 4:40 am

Name: Meopra

Nickname: Shining World

Habitable: Yes

Terrain: A mixture - water, land, forest, desert, etc.

Size: Medium - a little smaller than Earth

Population: Meoprans 95%, Other 5% (Meopran Clans listed below)
          Nedeeron: 10%
          Bellogaslians: 26%
          Nihon: 22%
          Dlahon: 19%
          Sophilian: 8%
          Corrgan: 15%

Location: Any

Development Thread: N/A

Extremely primitive. The technology the natives have is comparable to the ancient Greeks and Romans. The planet does have inner magic, which only a few of the native clans know how to use. Non-natives have no access to the planet's inner magic.

The planet had a similar history to Earth and evolved at the same rate, only the species stopped advancement at a primitive and nature-worshipping point. The planet was discovered by a human named Devlin who was on a mission for exploration. He crashed landed and was accepted into the Bellogaslian tribe.

After his return to Earth, the planet was put on the map for further exploration, despite Devlin's desperate pleas to let the planet go on in peace.

Though it is now open for exploration, the natives refuse to let any harm come to their beloved planet. Meopra remains as a safe haven open to anyone who wishes no harm upon the planet or her people.

Basic Information
FLORA - Trees have brown or white trunks with silver leaves. They vary in height, strength, and width. The brush is various shades of blue, ranging from almost white to deep navy.
WATER - Oceans, rivers, lakes, ponds, etc. Very similar to Earth. Most aquatic wildlife is found in lakes and rivers, while the oceans are much warmer and tend to be too warm for most water-based creatures.

The planet serves as a refuge of sorts for peaceful people. There are six tribes that are open to RP in, as well as places all over to explore. Below, the locations are sorted by which tribe they belong to.

Huna - Home base. It's the name of an ancient tree in which the Nedeeron tribe has made their home. Huna is built high above the ground in the flat and open branches of the tree. Nearly invisible from the ground because of the closeness of the branches.
Ashua Forest - The forest where Huna resides. It is dense and put together like a labyrinth. Without help, it is guaranteed those not native to Meopra will get lost in the forest.
Source of Eaun - The place where Nedeerons go to receive medical treatment. In extreme cases, their healing factor fails them and they need treatment. Also the place women go to give birth and infants have their vocal chords paralyzed.

Reknurr Dunes - Four dunes placed in a perfect square about the size of acre in the Green Desert which are rumored to burn with green flame the evening of the seasons changing. A sacred place for the Bellogaslians. Each holy ceremony or rite of passage is required to be performed amongst the Reknurr Dunes.
Green Desert - The desert in which the Bellogaslians live.
Rsaak - Mobile city. The only city win the Green Desert. It travels every three to eight days, depending on the sand and wind.

Rufikna - Island on which the Nihon live. The island is rich in diamonds and other jewels, which the natives see as precious. The jewels are forbidden to touched, as they are seen as blessings from Minula.
Isny Sea - Ocean surrounding Rufikna.
Temple of Isnyl - Temple dedicated to the god of the sea, Isnyl. Rufikna's only religious place, but well guarded by priests and shamans.

Ekortnu - Central city built into the mountains. Separated into three tiers; religious and upper class, trade and middle class, slavery and lower class. The only true powerful city on the planet, Ekortnu is the center for entertainment and pleasure-seekers. Everything is legal, including slavery, unless it directly hurts another being. Slaves are treated well and given an education, but are not paid for their duties or allowed to own any property.

Temple of Rashak - City of worship dedicated to the god, Rashak. No blood may spilt in the sacred city, nor are weapons permitted. The city is the size of a small town, but each building is meant for the worship of Rashak.
House Kynite - A humble and beautiful home of the king, queen, and their children.
Lake of Fisaud - A glassy lake that lies about a mile behind the House Kynite. It is a sacred lake only to being entered when seeking answers or to cleanse one's soul of guilt. It has a magical aspect that can give rebirth to any being, but can only be used under the supervision of the king, as it is considered a matter of state.

Flame Plates - Four large, metal containers that are constantly on fire. If one goes out, it means the tribe is under attack from that direction.
Truquet Arena - Training ground for the soldiers. The arena is in the center of the community and is the place to go for bloody displays of victory. The arena sports gladiatorial matches, military training, and public executions.
Architem - Only prison on the planet. It is a massive six levels and built underground. The prison is inescapable with beasts and soldiers guarding it. The walls are made of a magical energy taken from the planet herself.

It is those who work behind the scenes who get make a change.
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Approved, nice detail.
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