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 The Dust Ranger

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The Dust Ranger Empty#1PostSubject: The Dust Ranger   The Dust Ranger EmptyTue Sep 05, 2017 7:22 pm

Nickname:The Dust Ranger






  • Strong Will.
  • Psionic User:Can Use Psionics.
  • Dust Expert:Has A Big Amount Of Knowledge About Dust,Giving Him Advantage On His Home Planet.
  • Fast.


  • Weak Againts Magic.
  • Merciful:Will Most Of The Time Show Mercy Towards His Enemies.
  • Lone Wolf:Most Of The Time,He Will Be Alone.



  • Custom-made Gas Mask.
  • Custom Made Sniper-Shotgun:Hand Made Sniper that can change weapon mode by shooting 3 bullets in a short cone infront of him,causing the weapon to be effective and medium and long range's,thanks to the 3 bullets.
  • An Arsenal Of Attachments.
  • A High-Calibur Revolver.
  • Two Umbra Dust Short-Axe's.
  • Dark-Green Hood.
  • Dark-Green Coat.
  • Psionic Gauntlets.


  • Psionic Constructs:Ability to create objects using his psionic abilities,allowing him to make pillars to take cover behind and even more.
  • Null Stream:Allows The Dust Ranger To Release A Stream Of Psionic Energy Towards His Enemy.Can Also Be Used At Robotic Enemies,But It Will Be Less Effective.
  • Stasis:He Can Use Psionic Energy To Create a Bubble Around The Target,Blocking Any Incoming Attack But Also Does Not Allow The Target To Do Anything.The Ability Only Lasts Some Seconds...
  • Psionic Blast:Allows Him To Create And Launch A Ball Of Psionic Energy At The Target,Stunning The Target And Sometimes Knocking Them Out.This Ability Also Works Has A Way To Break The Armor Of Something And Also Works Againts Robotic Enemies,But Less Effective When It Comes To Stunning them.
  • Psionic Dome:The Dust Ranger Can Create A Dome Of Psionic Energy,Protecting Him And Allies From Incoming Attacks.
  • Rend:Allows The Dust Ranger To Create Psionic Blade's Out Of His Gauntlets,Making Him Dangerous Even Disarmed.


No one knows the reason why The Dust Ranger's name is hidden,but most of the population of the planet dont care anymore thanks to the events in the previous years...
He is called hero by the population thanks to him going around saving people around the planet;Helping in constructions;Using "Dust Alchemy" to heal sick people on the planet;Saving the children from danger and most importantly,capturing any criminals that come to the planet.
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The Dust Ranger

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