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 X Prime

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The Imperium
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Public#1PostSubject: X Prime   X Prime EmptyWed Sep 06, 2017 5:43 am

Name: X Prime
Species: Human
Age: 21-25
Faction: Whoever Pays the Most.
Alignment: Chaotic Lawful


They excel in hand to hand combat and have mastered many different forms. They also excel in stealth and is a crack shot. 
They don't do particularly well going against opponents who have magical properties since he has no defense against it. He also cannot defend against medium ranged weapons or in a gunfight due to his weapon being long ranged.


They use a FM-192 Semi-Automatic Sniper Rifle named 'Death Among Us'.
~Attachments to this weapon consist of thermal scope, Micro-Extended Scope, Piercing Bullets, Screaming Bullets, Foregrip. 
His next weapon would be his pistol known only as 'Storm Bringer' Its a very powerful customized revolver with a laser and holographic sight. It normally can penetrate solid concrete at medium range but can blast through walls using Piercing Rounds. 
Finally his knives set known as 'Redeye'. HIs knife kit has 5 knives 2 which are throwing knives and 3 which are close quarter 6 inch long blades. 
He uses his own customized TriVerate armor made of a very dense but light carbon as well as armored spots of pure Obtanium. His armor is dark black all around but can be customized depending on the setting in which he is working in. It can stop a sniper bullet enough where you won't die but it will pierce skin. It won't stop a shotgun at close range but can take multiple hits from a medium range SMG. 
Cyclops Helmet
The Cyclops helmet has a built in heartbeat sensor that can detect the heartbeats to up to 20 feet. It also has infra-red and thermal vision. IT can zoom in relatively far and records everything. The helmet can protect a revolver at point blank range but will break after. Its faceplate is a skull mask with two eyeholes one red one blue. 
Triglycerate Gloves
His gloves are his most prized possession due to they can stick to walls and hold up to 250 lbs or can be used to burn through material. One can only be used at a time for a very short period of time mostly for emergency situations.

Excel: Stealth and blending in with darkness
Excel: Physical Combat and strength

Current: There are very few things known about him other than his first name is Alex. Nobody knows where he will be but they all know he won't pass up a good hunt. He was last seen in the Imperium doing low level jobs for some politicians which was not uncommon for him when nothing large was available. He was last seen in a firefight with the starship 'Congrella' of a mining corporation while he was in his signature three star bladed fighter 'StarStruck'. IF you need him utter his name and he will find you for good or for bad.

Childhood: Recently progress has been made on when he was born and where he was born. He was born on a backwater planet under a farmer of Nyglapes who made little to no money. He eventually found his way into arms dealing at the tender age of 18 and then moved into learning how to perfect his weapon skills. He joined the BlackNet assassination group where his first assignment was killing his own parents. Which he did with ease. The last time he was said to have showed emotion was when his dog 'Akins' passed away right before he disappeared from existence. If you find him. Run the other way. There is nowhere to run from me. For I am everywhere.

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X Prime

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