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 Sword-Singer Arkila

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Sword-Singer Arkila  Howling_banshee_by_fonteart-d675rko

Name: Sword-Singer Arkila
Species: Aldiris
Age: 10.000.035
Faction: N/A
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral


+ Great Swordswoman and a dancer
+ Quite agile and gracefull warrior
+ A very good singer, which is good since her supernatural ability is to empower her friends through her song
+ (Insert racial strengths here)

- Her's aim with guns is so bad that she couldn't have hit an continent size city with an space laser
- She is utterly full of herself
- But her song in all of it's detail can be heard only by those realy attuned with magic and her people, and it have to be heard on fully to work
- (Insert racial weakneses here)


She has hers Singing Voidblade(Sword made from the same meterial as her physical body and that while it is swung it imitates the sound of an singing Aldiris)

As a Sword-Singer, her special ability is well sing to be exact it is to sing the very special vesrion of her people's oldest song, which is a Warsong of course. Thid Version of this song has a literal power to empower ones allies if it is sung. But only those atuned to some sort of magic (a.i mages whose abi;ity to hear the song in all of it's details depends on their magic tier) and her people. The stregnght of this ability depends on how good the singer is and how many people sing it closley to each other

Arkila, Ark-ila, Ar-ki-la, this was her name yet it wasn't, it was a name belonging to a long dead creature in a far of universe, a universe where her foot will probably never stand though it is realy hard to say for ways of All-Father and All-Mother are hard to undersatnd even for their or it's children. Yet she did not cared if she realy was to go there or about what she will become, Fate had a plan, and she has an role to play that shal be reveald to her in due time for now she observed the Multiverse, just like every Aldiris child in her age, with this observation came knowledge, knowledge to create onself for this is the purpose of 1.000.000 year long childhood of an Aldiris, to create what you are, to look upon vastens of the Multiverse and decide what are you and just like every other child she had done that too. She was drawn to mainly 2 things: Fighting and Singing, both of those she studied for 1.000.000 years and made them the part of what she is, she fell in love with gracefull moves of swordsmans and boutifull voices of singers. So when she came of age of over 1.000.000 she was clearly set up to be an Sword-Singer, what Sword-Singer is should be self explanatory(It is an Swordsman or woman who also sings while fighting). These warriors are thought from the begining of their teen years the First Song of Aldirs, the "Ilothen siris" or the "Scourge of Ilothen" in English. This Song tales the tale of first war that Aldiris waged against agents of stagnation. Ever since then Sword-Singers, which were created shortly after that battle, had gone into battle singing it, or rather special version of it which has some incredible properties of incrising the strength, speed , reaction time and agility of ones allies. Often used tactic by Sword-Singers was to set up ambushes and then jumping at their enemy while singing the song in this gigantic choir. So as you guessed next 9.000.000 years she spent learning the art of Sword-Singer, which was around 50% Fencing lessons,50% learning of the song's text which they had to memorise. This was the most enjoyable part of her life though she is quite young so most of her life is ahead of her soo that say much realy. When she ended her education she had to wait quite a short time only 35 years and just after entering the material realm she was sent, along 2.500 other Aldiris warriors of various calling and sepacialisations, to this universe to Investigate "Stray notes in ever changing Symphony of the universe" as Matriarch Irkis came to describe things.
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Sword-Singer Arkila

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