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 Agent Calamity

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Dominion#1PostSubject: Agent Calamity    Agent Calamity  EmptySat Sep 09, 2017 2:36 am

Name: Agent Calamity (Aaron Fier) 
Species: Human/Bionic Mix
Age: 26
Faction: Rogue/ Up until 3 months ago he was a Marine Core Operative
Alignment: Chaotic Lawful


Blade Skills, Close Quarters Fist Combat, Ranged Weapons

Tactical Skills, Forethinking (i.e. He doesn't think about what would happen if he just runs into a dangerous situation.)


Swords: Cascade, Severence 

Strength - Bionic, Speed - Bionic 

Agent Calamity was originally a Lieutenant for the Marine Core of Scelfor I. He was completely human until he was hurt in an ultimate betrayal of one of his top Generals. In that accident, he lost most of his limbs and would have died if it wasn't for Project Red Eye.  Project Red Eye was also set up by the General and for his mission where he got hurt the General leaked their position so they were easily ambushed and killed. He is the last of his bionic and human kind and is the first. His brother is Cameron Fier who is now the associate leader of the oligarchy. He has no more living family except for Cameron and does not want anyone else. He is a sword for hire and will do whatever it takes to hunt down every single person that was involved in the project which turned him into a hybrid. He has a multitude of buffs including; Abnormal Strength, Abnormal Speed, Abnormal Durability, access to the entire library of the Scelforians and is an expert in almost all forms of combat. However, no matter how powerful he is, he is also very vulnerable. Yes a mortal wound for him would be a lot harder to achieve than a normal mortal wound but he is still killable. He does not have any special armour of defenses against anything and will run out of energy if not charged daily. If he is damaged he will need to be charged more and therefore will need more energy to charge. Along with that if an EMP goes off he will be reduced to a human with normal skills until the electricty flows again. Finally, if a headshot is taken and it connects he wil reset automatically which reduces him to a human with amnesia. However, if shot more than twice it will break through his armour and he will die. A normal reset takes around 3 minutes and he is effectively useless. 

Thread: [Added in a minute] 

Notes: He is the most powerful character and there will be no one more powerful unless magic is involved.]
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Agent Calamity

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