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 General Dumont

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General Dumont
Level 10
General Dumont

First Generation Omega Legionnaire

Galactic Systems Union
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Name: General William Dumont
Species: Enhanced Human
Age: Physically 26
Faction: Galactic Systems Union (GSU)
Alignment: Lawful Neutral



Due to his intense military training and Omega enhancements, Dumont is a physical powerhouse. 
His training and experience also make him a valuable battlefield commander and soldier.

As with most Legionnaires, Dumont's armour is more vulnerable to energy and magic-based attacks.
Dumont's suit is vulnerable to a strong enough blast of EMP as well, which would hinder his cybernetic movements.


Legionnaire Power Armour
Magic-Resistant Sword

Dumont has no magical power, yet his scientific enhancements grant him Superhuman Strength, Speed and Reflexes. 

William Dumont began his military career in the UNSC Navy, rising through the years to the rank of Captain. He served in both Demonic Wars, The Covenant War and the Convergence Battles at the helm of the UNSC Lightbringer and later the UNSC Magnifique after the former's destruction. He developed a strong bond with the Supernatural heroes who assisted the UNSC, but this is what made him a target for ONI during their oppression. In his personal quarters Dumont was assassinated, presumed dead forever.

However he awoke in a Helix cloning facility in the body of his younger self; an insurance policy created by Dan back in their days of fighting together. Here he was found by the Nypherians and assisted them until he could return to the UNSC which had now become the GSU. Upon his return he was drafted for a secret program dubbed 'Omega', where his already fully abled body was enhanced to become almost superhuman. He earned his Legionnaire suit and reclaimed his former rank, serving in various secret operations including Operation Omega Defense. After these displays of service and strength he became the General of the Omega Legion, taking command of all First Generation Legionnaires.
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General Dumont

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