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 The Grottobay

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Name: The Grottobay
Habitable: Is the planet naturally habitable? Yes
Terrain: Most of the landmass is covered with Teopical forests
Size: Large
Population: roughly 4.6 billion. While the entire Population of The Grottobay is considered Elvish there are a few different races of elves the main two are Vanyar and Noldor who each on their own account for about 30% of the population the other 40% of elves is divided between the Amanar, Silvan, Sindar and Flamaer.
Location: Any'.

Development Thread: N/A

They have relatively advanced technologies, years upon years of scientific pursuits and experimentation is the cause.

Describe the history of the planet, where that be it's discovery, colonization, or the history of the native species.


The Capital City of The Grottobay, it houses everything government related. The house of congress and senate, The Transcendent Court of the Grottobay and so on. The city is up high on mount Kastea. It is cold and snowing almost everyday of the year, The directorate of Research and Development had developed a new type of snow plow that is more efficient than the previous models just for use in The city of Kastea and its sister city of Tyrinium. There is a Great Wall that stretches around the mountain, the city of Kastea is within the wall. The Military have the wall well manned and make it seem as if Kastea is a whole different country. You have to go through one of the Wall Gates and pass a vehicular Inspection. Only foreign delegates and people of importance are allowed in the city all other foreigners are prohibited from entrance. Also the home of fort Naholenor and battlegroup 2.
The Main Headquarters of the Grottobays Armed Forces. The only two imperial admirals of the Grottobay live and control everything from here. Tryinium is also within the confines of the wall but no one nonmilitary is allowed to enter through the Tyrinium gate to the city. Besides the wall, Tyrinium is full of defensive measures. Battlegroup 1 is in charge of defense of the city. Having thousands upon thousands of AA  turrets, tanks, Bunkers and what seems to be an endless number of PAWWS. Also the Battlegroup has a few of their fleet ships in the city at all times although the rest of the fleet ships are never far away. Tryinium is considered one of the smallest cities in the Nation although that is to be expected since there is no civilian population.
The oldest City in The Grottobay and its first capital. Located in the southern central area of the Grottobay hugging the waters of the bay. Ofnneas is the main supply Hub for the Grottobay. More than 85% of imported goods go through Ofenneas. The city is also home to the only directorate headquarters not housed in Kastea, The Directorate of Commerce. The city is also home to the armed forces Fort of Amyenanoris which in turn is home to the 9th battlegroup. The space ports and docks of Ofnneas are peppered with defensive structures.
-Nilaena Ennore-
The most Northern city in the Grottobay. This city is peppered with factories and refining stations. Prisoners are often sent here to work off their tenures. Home of prison fort Men Taesi and the 3rd battlegroup.
-Hyo Elunore-
This city is in the Grottobay plains not far from Telegardir. The university of Naaena Edhil is in this city and is regarded and the most prestigious university in the entirety of the Grottobay. On the other side of the city is fort Kaanashys which is home to the 6th battlegroup.
-Thelne Entheas-
The largest city in the Grottobay. Almost in the direct center of the Grottobay, most of the Grottobays PAWMS and PAWWS (Pilotable/autonomous walking multipurpose systems and Pilotable/autonomous walking weapons systems) and produced here. Fort Jiisari is in the southern part of the city and is home to the 4th battlegroup.
Considered the 2nd most beautiful city in the Grottobay losing to Ofvanor by only a hair. Also referred to as the city of lost dreams and the place where dreams go to die. Home to the powerhouse entertainment and media industries. Many people come here chasing fame and fortune, most don't succeed. Home of fort Esandell and the 7th battlegroup.
Located east of Kastea, This city is home to the HighPriests of Uevareth, The temple of Ilvaqua and the Imperial pantheon. The Temple of Ilvaqua is probably the most sacred, important and well protected building in all of Grottobay it is said that Uevareth himself lived here in the time before ascending to the Heavens with all of his children and the rest of the gods.  considered the most beautiful city in all of the Grottbay. The most culturally rich city in the Nation also. Filled with both ancient and modern religious buildings, statues and temples. Most of the city has been designed to resemble the older style buildings. Even though Offneas is the oldest city, Ofvanor has the nations oldest buildings. Also home of fort Ilyla Unarith and the 8th battlegroup.
Located in the southeastern edge along the coast, There is really nothing interesting about this city except for the fact that it has the biggest fishing industry. Home to fort Kyanluna and the 5th battlegroup.
-Sheme Thalo-
Another mountain city, located northwest of Tyrinium. A large portion of this city is in a giant cave, the city is named after the cave that the city is in. No one really knows why the ancient elves decided to make a settlement in a cave or why they continued to add on until it became a metropolis. It has a very large industrial complex and is the birthplace of the Grottobays Current emperor who is considered by Grottobayians to be the best emperor the planet has ever seen.  Is also home to fort Raothemar and the 10th battlegroup.

 -------The Grottobays Armed forces--------
The Grottobays military isn't broken down into branches. the navy, Air Force and Army are all combined and just considered the armed forces. The country's police force also falls under the armed forces and have the same equipment and training. The military is a fairly large one consisting of around 195million troops. They are broken down into 10 battlegroup a consisting of 20 million soldiers, except for the 10th battlegroup who only has 15 million. There are two battlegroup clusters, cluster 1 is the first 5 battlegroups while cluster 2 is the last 5. The 10 battlegroups are stationed in the 10 major cities of Grottobay.
In numerical order they are:
1st battlegroup: The city of Tyrinium
2nd battlegroup: Fort Naholenor, Kastea
3rd battlegroup: Fort Men Taesi, Nilaena Ennore
4th battlegroup: Fort Jiisari, Thelne Entheas
5th battlegroup: Fort Kyanluna, Myllelian
6th battlegroup: Fort Kaanashys, Hyo Elunore
7th battlegroup: Fort Esandell, Nelerion
8th battlegroup: Fort Ilyla Unarith, Ofvanor
9th battlegroup: Fort Amyenanoris, Offneas
10th battlegroup: Fort Raothemar, Sheme Thalo.

--Rank structure--
From lowest rank to highest
Ultra-FireTeam Leader
General-Squad Leader
Shipmaster-Platoon Leader
Field Admiral / Fleet Admiral-company commander
Zealot-Battalion Commander
Field Marshall-Brigade Commander
Chieftain-Division commander
Brigadier-Battle Group Commander
Imperial admiral-Battle Group Cluster Commander.

--Different echelons and how many troops are in each.--
Biggest to smallest.
Battlegroup-20 million troops/4 divisions
Division-5 million troops/10 brigades
Brigade-500,000 troops/10 battalions
Battalion-50,000 troops/20 companies
Company-2500 troops/20 platoons
Platoon-125 troops/5 squads
Squad-25 troops/5 fireteams
Fireteam-5 troops
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The Grottobay

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