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 Thorn Ironhart

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Thorn in your side
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Thorn in your side

Thorn Ironhart

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Thorn Ironhart Thorn

Name: Lisa Alice "Thorn" Ironhart
Species: Human (We think)
Age: We don't know. We think she's 23
Faction: Self Employed (Mercenary Researcher)
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral


Build: Hilariously tiny. Four foot and three inches tall, 85 lbs lean muscle. Narrow hips and almost no breast.
Hair: Dark brown, kept short by tying back and slicing off two or three times per year.
Eyes: Green
Skin: Caucasian
Distinguishing Marks: Multiple scars across arms, torso, back, and legs, with a few minor scars on the face
Cybernetics: Neuroelectric powered device behind her left ear, doubles as a head mounted flashlight and a speaker, connected to the datapad embedded in her left forearm, which seems to monitor blood sugar and act as an alarm when she needs to eat something. The pad has a docking port on board, capable of interfacing with most standard cargo containers for inventory, and has localized network functions. Hardware capabilities are significantly more advanced, but the program seems locked out of all higher functions.

Rebreather lung upgrade, but she won't sit still to get scanned. The upgrade is most likely nonfunctional and not designed for human use. What scans she has managed to sit through show graphene based supercapacitors and native wireless charging coils.

EDIT: During her apprenticeship, this was replaced with a newer model, granting her the ability to hold her breath for 6-8 hr at a time.



Mental Strengths: Constantly absorbing knowledge like a child, with the ability to focus in on a subject and master it within a few weeks time.

Physical Strengths: Her small size and (As some would call it) Excessive lung volume, combined with her visible strength and endurance allows her to climb extremely well. She has no apparent ability to feel hunger (Later confirmed to be a growth inhibitor achieved by destruction of ghrelin-producing cells in the digestive tract and ghrelin receptors in the arcuate nucleus of the hypothalamus), and can stay up for 36+ hours with no notable loss in mental or physical performance.


Mental Weaknesses:
She gets so focused on her tasks that she forgets to eat, sleep, or take other basic care of herself, right up until she's unconscious. Has a crippling fear of being lost, or not knowing where she is.

Physical Weaknesses:
Due to her inability to feel hunger, she's undersized, and often malnourished. She will often forget to eat until literally the moment she passes out. She also has an extreme reaction to caffeine, with racing heart, paranoia, and pain present.



Ship: Eye in the Sky II

Weapon: Pulse pistol

Work gear: Scanning equipment of multiple types and classes, EVA suit built by Schwinn in 2520, in children's size 10, stripped of outer armor and oxygen bottle system to facilitate rebreather use and maximum mobility and carry capacity.

Unique gear: Artificial Intelligence key


Balls of hammer forged steel on this girl.


Febuary 2551, a missing persons report was filed for one Lisa Alice Ironhart, aged six, missing from Mars. No body was ever found. Lisa Ironhart was declared Presumed Dead on Jun 8, 2554, against her parents' wishes.

January of 2565, the file was reopened, with a flag raised by a routine genetic scan in a hospital on Kiltornia. Family was notified of their daughter's condition and status. Parents were en route when Thorn gained a shipside job as a field surveyor.

Massive prepubescent skeletal damage indicates physical abuses and/or training bordering on mutilation alongside extended periods of starvation. Genetic scans indicate that she was supposed to grow to about five foot and eleven. Her small stature is likely a result of starvation in early to late childhood, combined with her extensive scarring. There are also multiple developmental failures symptomatic of intentional starvation and abuse over a period of more than a decade. All data related to the incidents in question are her word, and difficult to verify.

"When I was little, my parents were fighting. They always fought. I just wanted to get away, so I climbed into a small space, somewhere warm and cozy, and I don't remember much after that. I just remember waking up in null G, and not much around me.

"They called me stowaway, a thorn in their side. Said I should earn my dinner. For years, I thought it was just a bad dream. But eventually, I came to accept it. Learned to ignore my belly, and ignore how tired I could get. Forgot how to be hungry, or tired. Every time they'd sell me off to a new ship, a new crew to be a thorn for. I learned to hide away rations because they'd forget to keep the others fed. Little things, in places they wouldn't expect. Keep them alive and I don't have to work as hard. I got so used to not knowing where I was, and wanting home that I kind of forgot about it, carried on, and did my best to survive. They installed tools to make me a better grunt, and just enough to survive. The last crew was better than most. Took me to get checked out, see if they could help me. I think it's because I'm useless hurt or sick.

"Or... That's what I thought. The Captain handed me a book, taught me to read. It's wonderful, you know? These little bits of data on a screen, all that separates you from thousands of years of history and knowledge. I wanted it all. As soon as my Captain released me, I went to live in a library. I only got half way through the collection before they found me. And here I am."

Since that interview, she has become an established research and logistics mercenary, completed an apprenticeship, and built her own ship.

August of 2566, collected the bounty on Kat Kheylana and is presumed to mastermind the pirate's escape.

In May of 2568, was involved in the Helix Campaign working with the Serpentis Imperium, GSU, and Drosden fleets to repel Helix and traitor forces from the former Imperium capitol world of Farnin.

July 2568, assisted the Leverians with biosuit and starship biotechnology in return for a new ship

September 2568, was found in the Sol system by the GSU AI Crompton, beaming a distress signal from her original ship.  This was to be its final flight.  Extraction method unknown, advanced stealth ship suspect.



Mercenary Optics

An Eye in the GSU

Bounty on Kat Kheylana

Return to Farnin

Neon Violet in Retrograde

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teh person 2 bang Kat :>
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Thorn Ironhart

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