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 Nezya Kl'tkel

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Name: Nezya Kl’tkel (Nes-ya Kel-Ti-Kel)
Species: Azythian
Age: 37
Sex: Female
Faction: Monarchy of Azytha
Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Strengths: Capable infiltrator and reconnaissance agent, Agile, Can climb surfaces easily, Carapace acts as natural armor, pretty good cook

Weaknesses: Can’t swim, Not a good liar, Bad with money, Easily embarrassed/flustered, Can barely handle alcohol

Equipment: AT-2.0 Stealth Bodysuit, Bulletproof Cloak, ACS Combat Pistol (silenced), Plasma Dagger, ACS Submachine Gun

Darkvision: Natural ability. Allows her to see in the dark much better than that of other races. When using Darkvision, her eyes will be filled with a bioluminescent fluid.

Short Ranged Teleportation (Blink): A mark on her left hand will glow white briefly, and she will teleport a short distance to a location she either waves her hand to or is currently looking at. This is done by creating one wormhole at a target location, and another around herself, translocating her from one location to the next in the fraction of a second.

Invisibility: The mark on her left hand glows, and with a clench of the fist a veil comes over her body, obscuring her from sight. A slight distortion remains. The duration of this is based on her current physical state. However, it seems to have a maximum of twenty to thirty seconds. The distortion is noticeable when moving, so some degree of stealthy movement is required.

Appearance: An Azythian standing at six foot two, sporting a slim build with a smooth carapace. Her thorax, head, ribcage carapace, and back are a white/pale color while the rest of her is black. Her head takes on a crescent or boomerang shape, with the would-be horns not quite rising enough or slimming down enough to be considered such. Due to injuries in the past, she has lost one eye and often wears an eyepatch over it. The third claw on her left hand is also broken, but she seems to of adjusted.

Attire-wise, she wears a tight bodysuit with small hexagonal patterns that helps reduce light reflection and radiance of heat, making hiding in the shadows and from infrared easier. She also wears a black cloak wrapped around her shoulders, with an optional hood tailored to fit her head, bearing the same light-absorbing properties as the suit.

History: Nezya Kl’tkel was born into a noble family during the brighter days of the Azythian regime, having lived in rather pleasant conditions with no major conflicts or issues bringing turmoil to herself or her family. However, when the Rivedahlian accidentally released an all-consuming bioweapon upon their planet, once peaceful citizens and soldiers alike would be mutated and turned into hideous husks with nothing more than the desire to infest and consume on their minds. The Azythians lost more and more ground, cities and towns came apart against the infestation. The Monarch and his mate themselves, too, disappeared in the attacks as they lost the capitol to the plague.

Nezya and her family barely escaped the infested siege, and what was left of them and their neighbors were forced to take refuge on the surface. Nezya joined the military with the goal of retaking her home in mind, and trained as an infiltrator and scout; meant to go underground and map out what remained and what was traversable. However, the fight to retake the planet was not easy, and as attempt after attempt failed, the Hierarchy grew desperate.

Nezya is one of many scouts and reconnaissance units sent out into the galaxy with the hopes that they might one day return with a weapon or tool their kind could use against the plague. However, she has begun to adjust to life away from home, taking on jobs and occupations for people both pure of heart and corrupt alike. While her original task remains at hand, hope for it’s success dwindles. She goes where the wind takes her.

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Nezya Kl'tkel

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