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 The treediot

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The treediot Empty#1PostSubject: The treediot   The treediot EmptySat Sep 16, 2017 1:54 pm

Name: Ventis Terraflower
Species: Tree person
Age: unknown
Faction: Empire of sneks
Alignment: Neutral



-Controller. The treediot can control roots, earth and stone. She can wrap roots around enemies to immobilize or at least hinder enemies greatly. Her earth powers are nothing special, it allows her to 'bend' the element and create large obstacles and move them around telepathically. While this can be lethal by crushing an enemy with large rocks, typically she disrupts and hinders. She doesnt harm on purpose.
-Fertile. Ventis can grow fruits from her head that are highly energizing and nutritious.

-Immobile. The treediot is planted into the ground, luckily she was dug out and put into a flowerpot to increase her mobility based on who carries the pot. Typically the firemoron, when the pot breaks she will fall and while she can use her branch like arms to get up again or crawl around she will need it replaced.



dryadic fruit growing.

she is a tree, for years she stood in a forrest but the other trees got tired of her and wanted her out. Luckily one day she met 3 other morons who dug her out and took her along on more misadventures.



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The treediot

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