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 Ultraviolet Spirit

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Name: Vegeshin Kanahashi
Species: Youkajin
Age: 28
Faction: N/A
Alignment: Paragon/Righteous
Transformed Appearance:



As a Youkajin, there appears to be no discovered ceiling as to the amount of power, and physical might, that can be achieved. With enough time, and continued growth, they can achieve astounding heights. He, himself, can be considered phenomenally wise; an intellectual sage so to speak. His penchant for being a paragon typically places him at the forefront of many a conflict, and he often leads with a level head. His compassion is also extremely admirable.


Susceptible to physical damage via individuals of similar strength, psychological trauma that can be exploited, absurdly trusting to the point it can be considered detrimental. An idealistic optimist, he wants to see the good in people. He wants to see the righteousness in every sentient individual. He wants to believe that innocence, and good-will, exists in every one. And that often bites him in the end. He’s easily swayed, conned, manipulated, and down-right fooled by seedy individuals who take advantage of his good, kind-hearted, nature. As well, he suffers from core racial behavior that manifests itself as a desire to challenge others to battle to prove superiority (moreso to grow in power). His courage, though a fine trait, often leads him to charge in head first, if only to spare others he happens to be with from harm; a psychological condition stemming from his compassion for others, and a strong desire to prevent harm and/or death if he can manage it. A vigilante.

Important: Upon quasi-relocation to this variant of the Milky Way, the reaction of inter-realm/dimensional location takes a vast toll upon the individual. The vast assortment of abilities, and greater extent of their power, being limited. Essentially trapped beneath a myriad of glass ceilings, it will be some time before they regain full functionality and full capacity to use their abilities to their utmost limits.



A single katana by the name of Shissaiga.
Unique Trait: Crafted of Kadamatchin, the blade is absurdly sturdy, yet lightweight. Capable of cleaving through many a material via the honed edge, but also due to the powerful might of the one wielding it.


Bukujutsu (Self-Flight), Ki Manipulation (Energy User), Heightened Sensory (Race-Related), Enhanced Physical Capacities (Might, Speed/Reflexes, Endurance/Stamina), Accelerated Healing Factor, Excellent Combat Prowess, Transformations.


History speaks of a powerful warrior race who held limitless potential, dormant within their bodily form. A race of individuals who could attain power the likes of which could only be considered Godly in the eyes of mortal man.

This race, albeit powerful, fell prey to an empire of tyranny and trade. An empire lead by a sadistic emperor who pinned them beneath his tyrannical thumb and made a mockery of them at every possible chance. They were abused, used as tools and pawns to achieve his just desires. In time, though, a great fear grew within this lord that their power, and capacity to grow, would one day overcome his own rigid, unflinching, might. That one day a chosen amongst them would reach heights beyond his own and topple his empire; ruin him.

He saw fit to purge the race, and in a decisive moment, he chose to lay waste to their planet, and them as well.

Not all perished, though, and a lingering collective of the race managed to establish a colony upon a sister planet. The steady growth of this colony began and, in time, they blossomed into a full settlement.

A male of this race, one who excelled beyond the rest, became a beacon of hope that they could surpass limitations. Exceed all obstacles and trials. He ushered in an era of hope that they could, one day, achieve greatness.

The colony pit their mettle against a natural born species upon the planet. Powerful humanoid creatures that varied in appearance. The more humanoid, the more powerful. Seasons of the hunt became a thing. The most powerful dropped being a testament to the warriors who fell them, and a means of asserting dominance and ranking in a hierarchical system.

The beacon of light one day, though, came upon his greatest challenge. A ruler of lands. And upon nearly securing victory, her wounded, fully transformed form, fled. He discovered her body sometime after, but was mistaken by her humanoid figure. Assuming her one of his own race, he took her in and nursed her back to health, unto which she assumed the role as one of them in a bid not only to save those of her lands, but as well to keep her own well-being safe.

In time, the two discovered feelings for one another and bore children. These children were thought of as the evolution of their species, looking far-flung from their parental contributors.

But that all came to a blistering halt one day as their feral traits began to take form; shattering the illusion that they were pure blooded.

Parents branded as traitors, and children regarded as scum and filth-bloods, the lot of them were condemned to death. Broken hearted, and fearing for the well-being of the children, a female associate of the father, who’d tutored the children and taught them all she knew, sacrificed her own life to ensure their safety.

So begins the story of Vegeshin Kanahshi; middle child of the three.

Vegeshin, as a child upon Earth, fell prey to wanderlust. Unable to dismiss the vast world around him, he, in time, eventually departed from his siblings in search of the grand wonders that lay outside that quaint, safe, little family unit.

He wandered in search of knowledge. In search of growth. And in search of power, and skill.

In time, he discovered an old, wise, man who housed a school beneath his home. A school of martial arts, and other fine combat skills. He learned a myriad of styles, pit his skill against sibling disciples, and students of other schools. In time, he was taught the ways of the sword, and excelled unto a point at which his sensei bestowed upon him a sacred blade that had been passed down through the ages from teacher to student, and from teacher to student.

His wanderlust never ceased, though, and try as he might, he could not take over the role of his sensei. In a bid to do his master justice, he sought to return the gifted sword but was declined; his sensei believing the sword was fated to belong to him. As if the myriad years of passing it down had all been for the moment Vegeshin would receive it as a blessing, and a boon.

Returning to his semi-nomadic ways, he inevitably met a young woman through convoluted means and took her in. Listening to her tail, he journeyed with her to accomplish her goals before returning with her and planting roots within a quaint city. They lived jubilantly within each other’s company and he came to father a son, and soon to be daughter.

But fate, and history, had a way of seeking out the present. A warrior from their birth planet arrived with orders to dispatch the filth-bloods. The ruler, who’d condemned their lives, had been fiercely persistent and would not submit to their supposed escape. In an act of merciless violence, he took the life of the woman he loved, and subsequently his unborn daughter as well.

That moment defined Vegeshin, and would continue to define him from then onward.

He became a practitioner of justice. A self-appointed vigilante and paragon who’d forever challenge the ways of evil, and its pawns.

His journeys carried him far and wide throughout the vast cosmos. Various planets, and realms, became battlegrounds unto which he shed his lifeblood, and sweat, for the sake and sanctity of innocence.

A time then came in which fate seemingly chose him at random. Plucked from his current reality; his current universe, he found himself deposited upon a vague planet, dimensions apart from his own homeworld. With no way to return, he did as he could and settled into this new life. Resuming his duties as a purveyor of peace, he took up the mantle of hero in this new cosmos.

His duties remained unending, and he joined a collection of like-minded individuals to build an organization of heroic practices. Backed by the government of that territory, they fought many an evil threat; saving countless lives in the process before that very government fell to corruption and the band of individuals were dissolved.

Time saw it afterword that even a few within that once proud collection fell swiftly to questionable deaths. Hunted. Preyed upon. Turned upon.

But he remained steadfast in his duties. Time saw it that he progressed in might and mind, surpassing the limits he once feared he had with minimal efforts. With aid from an individual of staggering cosmic origin; a sage-like attendant whose knowledge left him awestruck, he achieved pinnacle heights, eventually becoming a mainstay of his new home as hero and vigilante.

Sadly, fate deemed that he not remain here forever, though, as had the case been with his previous homeworld. Fate had a comical, if not merciless, sense of sadistic humor in that he be, once again, flung through time and space to the next dimension; the next quasiverse that would need him more than the one he currently lived within.
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Ultraviolet Spirit

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