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 Ascelina Angenoir

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#1PostSubject: Ascelina Angenoir   Sat Sep 23, 2017 5:06 pm

Name: Ascelina Angenoir
Species: Divine Fox (The offspring of Archangel and Archdemon, using a Kitsune as their incubator.)
Age: 21
Faction: N/A
Alignment: Neutral

A Brief Description
Ascelina is a Kitsune (Human with fox ears and tail) with small white ears, three white tails and both a pair of angelic and demonic wings. Her eyes are on one side Cyan and Fuchsia on the other. She is very modestly endowed, not quite flat but not much to grab. She is dressed in (decorative) full plate armour, a red skirt and carries a bow made from two bows that form an X shape. It has no strings.



  • Divine Flight. She has inherited the divine wings of an archangel and archdemon. Four massive wings that allow her to fly at high speeds, even in space.
  • High Magic Affinity. Ascelina has inherited the magical powers of both her parents, surpassing them both at magic. She can learn any magic that exists and to a greater degree than most.
  • Heightened Senses. Her senses are heightened by her affinity for magic, allowing her to see, smell, feel, hear and taste as much as 10 times more than her lesser kind.
  • Long Life. Not much to say here, her lifespan is just unnaturally long for her base race. We won't know how long until she dies though.


  • Large Frame. Though her massive wings are certainly a boon, they have a downside. The wings, even when folded, extend out half a metre each side. It makes getting around by foot rather difficult sometimes. It also eats up her stamina and weighs her down enough that she can only manage a brisk jog.

  • Frail. Her massive capacity for magic has taken its toll on her body, making her quite easy to cut.
  • Hypersensitivity. Her heightened senses are most assuredly a powerful thing, but they can be exploited. Those who know of her abilities could use bright lights, loud sounds and strong smells to overwhelm her. She is also more susceptible to the effects of cold and heat.
  • One Without Qi. Her magnificent affinity for magic has prevented her from ever learning to use her Qi.


Ascelina carries a very particular bow. It is shaped as though two bows were stitched together in an X form. It has no string, but relies instead on her magic to fire various spells. She is also enamoured in full plate armour and thick gambeson which are customary to her empire. They do not weigh her down as much as one may believe, as even her full set of armour weighs as little as 30kg, as much as a 6 year old child. They are very decorative, yet perfectly functional, and instil a heavenly demonic presence to all who see it. This partially makes up for her frailty, as no normal sword can penetrate it. Though, magical and blunt weapons will still affect her.

She has a high affinity for magic and can fly, even in space. Though, she knows very little magic at the moment as her country is home to many masters of Qi, but few mages. She knows only how to heal and fire arcane bolts with the aid of her X-bow.

Ascelina was born the daughter of Empress Liliana, the sole ruler of her empire, and seeded through the love of an Archangel and Archdemon. Yes, she is in fact a child of three. Born of the forbidden love between Archangel and Archdemon, and incubated in the mortal womb of an Empress. She is a triplet, sister to a girl and a boy. They were all born with a pair of eyes that could only be the result of their divine birth. One side is a piercing blue (cyan), and the other a mischievous red (fuchsia). They also had a set of wings. The sister of Ascelina, Lumière, had a pair of draconic wings, the wings of a demon. Ciel, her brother, had a pair of angelic wings, white as the fur on their tails. But Ascelina, she had both the wings of angel and demon, each brighter and darker than her siblings'. She was also different at several other points. Her eyes shone brighter than the other two, and she had three tails. Luckily, she still had just the one pair of white fox-like ears.

She was remarked at a very young age to possess an unprecedented affinity for magic. Her only tutor was her mother as no one else in the Empire bothered with the likes of magic, instead focusing on the mastery of Qi. Ascelina was almost a disappointment in that regard, no matter the skill of the master, none could teach her the use of Qi. Her siblings, however, were revered as geniuses. They became spirit masters at an unprecedented age, gaining their first spirits at 2. Though the noble families saw her as talentless and unworthy of her position, the Empress saw the potential in her daughter and declared her next in line for the throne. Ah yes, I say throne... The empire was at one time a kingdom, but when the Empress took the crown, she showed a disliking to the title of Queen and ordered her people to call her Empress instead. That is how Ascelina bares the title of Princess, even in an Empire.

When the convergence had brought them to unfamiliar lands, the nobles took this chance to stage a coup. They would not let a talentless princess take the role of Empress. They killed their mother and the current Empress, giving the throne to one of the more powerful nobles. Ascelina and her brother and sister were thrown out, exiled from the Empire.

Now, they set out to space. Becoming pirates in search of adventure, but also allies. They wish to gather the strength to one day retake the Empire and restore their lineage.



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i like this
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Looking Forward to what you'll do with this character
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Ascelina Angenoir

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