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 The Emotionless

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The Emotionless  Empty#1PostSubject: The Emotionless    The Emotionless  EmptySat Sep 23, 2017 8:30 pm

Name:Marcus Dominus


Faction:Drosden Fleet

Alignment:Evil Neutral



  • Mastermind:Has incredible skill in manipulating others and in strategy,allowing him to manipulate the situation to his favor...
  • Technomancer:Has a inhuman-like mind for technology,he can merge technology with organic material perfectly,allowing him to replace a missing limb or organ with technology that would be normally impossible to merge with the body and create advanced technology etc....
  • 4 Technomancer Augments:Arms=Has 4 robotic arms directly connected to his brain coming out of his back that help him fighting and working.They also have different functions:Shield Emitter Mode,Energy Fighter Mode,Syphon Tech Mode,Molecule Manipulation Mode.


  • 1 Mode Only:Can only have 1 mode active at a time on his robotic arms.
  • Fragile Body:Has a weak body structure.
  • Lone Wolf:Works most of the time alone and prefers to work alone.
  • Expressionless Attitude:Though he can manipulate people with his voice,he rarely makes facial expressions and when not using his vocal ability he sounds cold and expressionless,causing him to be seen has a person with no soul,giving him bad reputation.



  • Hexagon-Shaped Artifact:No information available...
  • Long Coat:Marcus wears a long coat,the only problem is that he wears no armor and the long coat is made of a unknown material that gives increased protection then normal cloathing.
  • Dark-Umbra Knife:Marcus has a knife made of Dark-Umbra Knife,a combination of the dark crystal like material The Epsilon Legion use to make weapons with and Umbra dust from the planet Umbra Thesis.


  • Shield Emitter Mode:His robotic arms reconfigure in a almost molecule like level and after the reconfiguration is done,the arms are able to emit shields that are somehow also able to block magic.
  • Energy Fighter Mode:Allows Marcus to create energy and manipulate it through his robotic arms,allowing him to create energy blades,lasers,concentrated energy bombs and etc....
  • Syphon Tech Mode:No information available,EXTREME CAUTION ADVISED.
  • Molecule Manipulation Mode:This mode allows Marcus's robot arms to manipulate matter to the molecular level,allowing him to "merge" technology with other organic beings or to modify molecule's of a target.

  • Soothing Voice:Marcus has the ability to "charm" people with his voice by a unknown method,causing the victims to feel safe and conforted.


Marcus has infiltrated The Epsilon Legion and manipulated them,and also betrayed the legion right after.He also met Simonis and The Dust Ranger,Simonis was close to defeating Marcus thanks to his Artifact but Marcus was able to escape.The Dust Ranger was able to critically wound him,forcing him to hide and after he recovered,he discovered about Utani-11.He was so fascinated he decided he wanted to learn of Utani's technology.Even if he is currently a scientist of the Drosden Fleet.
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The Emotionless

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