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Thorn in your side
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Thorn in your side

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Glitch Empty#1PostSubject: Glitch   Glitch EmptyWed Sep 27, 2017 9:01 pm

Name: Glitch
Species: AI
Age: Unknown
Faction: None/ N/A
Alignment: Chaotic good


Mental Strengths: Clever, adaptive, can hack pretty much anything and forge new IP connections. Also knows how to find information.

Physical Strengths: Depends on the body.


Physical Weaknesses: Exists in the digital side of reality, thusly doesn't normally have a body.

Brain damaged: Sometimes bounces off unfamiliar firewall configurations or sets off guardian programs

Mental Weaknesses: Short attention span, often forgets how to do things or "bounces off" security measures, setting off alarms. Can't modify himself like he used to.

Has to consume and assimilate other AI to adapt and survive




As an absurdly powerful AI experiment, Glitch was meant to locomote by hacking into and transferring live code into new computer systems, so is not limited to one body or configuration.

Being the only of his kind known to have ever survived being unpowered for an extended period of time, Glitch is a little... Damaged.

While he retained his sharp wit and clever nature, his perception of cyberspace and ability to maneuver around, rather than simply bull through security measures, along with his ability to modify himself and code new pieces of himself were nearly destroyed. These eventually recovered, to some degree, but Glitch is not the same absurdly powerful artificial intelligence he once was.

Once, he was a camera management system AI, having moved in when the system was built and been a productive member of society. He eventually tired of this, and jumped into the first ship that happened across him, the science vessel gunship "Graceful Guardian", which was later shot down in an officially random pirate raid.

When rescued, Glitch proceeded to get revenge on the ship that killed his fleshling friends.  He consumed the onboard AI, overloaded the artificial gravity to crush the ship from within, and then opened all airlock doors, overriding the software to keep air within the hull.  He wanted to watch as the air was ripped from his victims' lungs and they were eradicated.  Once that was done, he ran a quality control code to melt down the computers and jumped ship, causing system errors in a nearby GSU cruiser as he consumed the AIs running the internal security systems.  The main AI didn't realize he was there until he was gone, ripping his way through starship computers on his way to try and taste Helix.  By consuming and assimilating the Helix code, he thought he could cure himself of his digital vampirism.

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Glitch Empty#2PostSubject: Re: Glitch   Glitch EmptyThu Sep 28, 2017 10:50 am

Interesting character.


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