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 Karen Yarra

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Leverian Legionnaire

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Karen Yarra Empty#1PostSubject: Karen Yarra   Karen Yarra EmptyTue Oct 03, 2017 11:01 pm

Name: Karen Yarra
Species: Leverian
Gender: Female
Age: 23
Faction: Leverian Legionairee, Deep Space Combat Exploration Pilot
Alignment: Neutral Lawful


Karen accels at mind puzzles, like the rest of her speices she is good at solving some of the most challenging puzzles and problems, Though she has a few specialities about her, she is very adept in technologies and is a extremely good engineer. She is very acrobatic but she isn't perfect..

Karen, with all her smarts and such lacks in several areas, one of which being pure brute strength, the Leverian race is universally weak in terms of physically, but they make up for it in several other ways. She can also be very hard headed at times, which can lead to more trouble then its worth.

Her main vessel is a Enormus Cruiser by the alias of ECLIPSE, the ship is a Navy Class Arbiter, a very tough, but slow vessel. In addition, the guns aren't ment to be used in Heavy Deep Space Combat and have a tendency to over heat after laying down a fair amount of damage

Karen doesn't have any special powers, but the Leverians have an ability to learn magic and channel it through their Gem-like formation primarily on their forehead which also acts as a natural Neural amplifier.

Karen was and wasn't a average Leverian
Her back story is complicated intertwined with normal Leverian experiences and unusual Leverian experiences (compared to the Leverian standard of normal) Leverian culture really didn't stick with her, she wanted to take the universe one mile at a time when other girls her age wanted nothing to do with the world beyond. Though Karen was outcasted, she stayed strong and didn't mind the solitude. Which is a normal thing for Leverians to feel. One of Karen's favorite hobbies was to look up at the stars at night and keep wondering, "what lies beyond?"


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Karen Yarra

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