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 The Beast of Scelfor VII

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The Beast of Scelfor VII  Empty
The Beast of Scelfor VII  Empty#1PostSubject: The Beast of Scelfor VII    The Beast of Scelfor VII  EmptyFri Oct 06, 2017 6:22 pm

This was the first mission to Scelfor VII. In the lore of the planet, it was told of great cities with palaces of pure gold. But something was wrong. When the satellite Aurus did its first orbit around the planet something was off. The lights of the great cities were no longer on. The entire planet's radio was silent and nothing stirred. The last time ScelforĀ I had checked up on ScelforĀ VII was two years prior when the first satellite had made it past the outer rim of the solar system. The lights were still on then but now they weren't. In response to this Scelforian Naval Union sent out the carrier Abridged to investigate. This carrier was the first ship to exit the Creation Station and it was already on its first mission. It was completely loaded with 25 Virus Fighter Squadrons and around 9 Dropships. It also was followed closely by the Light Frigate Ace. They made a good time as the ion engines fired up the icy blue billowing out behind them. As they began to enter the atmosphere every single fighter flew out of the hangar all of them forming up and diving down into the lower atmosphere. They were an impressive sight as they ripped through the clouds and down above the capital city. As they cruised over looking down nothing was to be seen. No life forms no heat signatures just the cities that were the monuments of the people that were here. As they returned and reported what they saw a decision was made to send dropships down to look around and try and find what happened.
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The Beast of Scelfor VII

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