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 Leverian Republic/ Leverian Legionnaire

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#1PostSubject: Leverian Republic/ Leverian Legionnaire    Sat Oct 07, 2017 4:15 am

The Leverian Republic is a strong but peaceful government, being ruled by thirteen council members as well by the people. The Leverians are so peaceful that they made a separate faction their military. Though the Republic treats them as their own self, technically they are two separate entities themselves. Though the Leverian's are a very peaceful race they will go to war if it absolutely necessary for the survival of the race. The Leverian Republic is the one holding the leash to a well trained wolf that is the Leverian Legionnaire. The republic gives the Legion funds and materials to research equipment while the Legion acts as a shield and spear to the Leverians. The Leverian Republic is different to the Legion, having more ornate ships at their disposal that barely get used, some say that some in the capitol cities (Is what the legion calls the cities that are mostly Republics) are beginning to become soft.. But these are just rumors. 

The Leverian Legionnaire is the backbone of the leverian species, the whole entire military might the wealthy Leverians can afford. The legion protects the Leverians, protecting the large hubs of trade and mining. But the legion isn't only for destroying and protecting, the legion uses its advanced ships to explore, wormholes and cosmic signatures mostly, but some search for planets to colonize in the name of the Leverians, not Republics or Legion. The strong bond between the legion and the Republic is that of a loyal wolf and not an owner, but a pack.. There has been several rare occasions where the Republic and the Legion have united, such as the demonic crusade, where the leverians lost about everything they owned. 

Writers: InnistradWalker

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#2PostSubject: Re: Leverian Republic/ Leverian Legionnaire    Sat Oct 07, 2017 3:02 pm

The standard Leverian Legion trooper uses a power armor built on similar principals of muscular augmentation as MJOLNIR, though the armor itself is far heavier and less mobile.  for sidearms, they typically carry the T-7 pulse pistol.

Their main armament, however, consists of railgun class plasma shrouded flachette rifles, often called "Storm Rifles" due to their unique rolling thunder sound.

Light armor units use a passive spring assisted plate over neoprene/graphene woven metamaterial armor that allows weightless movement and comfort such that most infantry will forget that they're wearing armor.

Due to their rigorous training in far heavier kits, Leverian Legion troops are often quite strong, fit and fast, for their size.  The weightless aspect of the light combat armor is unnerving to the troops, and rightfully and intentionally so.  They will often take cover until the last instant, using geurilla and pack ambush tactics to their advantage.  They are especially well trained to handle urban and forest combat scenarios.

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Leverian Republic/ Leverian Legionnaire

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