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 Ampelius Mümtaz Varley

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Ampelius Mümtaz Varley Empty#1PostSubject: Ampelius Mümtaz Varley   Ampelius Mümtaz Varley EmptyFri Oct 13, 2017 4:02 am

Name: Ampelius Mümtaz Varley
Species: Human
Age: 24
Faction: N/A
Alignment: Neutral Good


     Ampelius, while he lacks any strength above the average 24-year-old male, is very dexterous. He is quick, and he has learned to be silent. Furthermore, he enjoys and is rather adept at tinkering with computers.

     Ampelius helps anyone who he believes he can, even if there is only a slight chance. Every distress signal. This causes him to be sometimes led to trouble. Furthermore, though he is hard to get angry, when he is mad, he is stone cold and can be quite deceitful and effective in his revenge.


     Sapphire - Ampelius's Motorbike
          The motorbike given to him by the Varley family is one of his closest bonds. It reminds him of "home". The place he calls home, anyway. It is midnight black and has blue neon lights on the edges of the body. These lights earned it the name "Sapphire". (The ship has a cargo bay meant specifically for Sapphire)

     Inventory (I will update this as it changes. It is what he carries with him)
          - A dark tan shirt that's a bit too long for him.
          - Black jeans.
          - Phase pistol that is beginning to show it has been used through the years
          - Small steel dagger
          - Black leather backpack.
          - Small brown satchel
          - Programmable Bioscanner
          - Programmable Ground Probe
          - Programmable Drone with a camera
          - Various computer parts, wires, and electronics that have been taken apart. (Stored safely in the brown sachel)
          - Key to Sapphire.
          - 200 credits (I dunno what the currency is)
          - A laptop that was given to him by the Varley family.
          - Two fuel canisters for Sapphire

(NOTE: Ampelius doesn't yet have a ship. He will soon.)

     Ampelius has no supernatural powers of any kind. He is, however, naturally adept at mathematics and general sciences.

     Most humans, albeit not all, believe the stereotype that anyone born on a cargo ship is destined for life hauling freight. No fun, no real life at all. Just unloading crates of Titanium, Steel, Plasma injector casings, and common resources which offer no comfort to the tedious job of loading and unloading boxes. Ampelius, even from a young age, was determined to disprove all that believed that; and that effort began with him leaving his home ship, which was too common of a freighter to even be named, by the age of 20. This idea, however, was not supported by his family, or his captain. He was forced to sneak out. That began on a planet named "Marson".
     It was fortunate his ship had another helmsman, as he was the primary one. He didn't hate the ship or even the people. He hated the life of a crewman aboard a cargo vessel. Strict regulations, protocols, and rules were to be followed at all times. Harsh consequences were enforced with any slight disobedience. He couldn't bear it. Other cargo ships didn't seem to be like this, and it seemed unfair. Another cargo ship, however, was not where Ampelius planned to go. He wanted freedom. He wanted to learn about the world outside of a cargo ship. He was determined to obtain this freedom no matter the consequences.
     And that was exactly what he did.
     On October 22, 2564, Ampelius made his escape. Even now, four years later, he remembered it clearly. They were hauling primarily titanium and various electrical components to a small town which he hardly cared to recall. When the crew roll call was going on before unloading, Ampelius was not present. He had forcibly broken through the emergency exit on the bottom floor, which was restricted to all but administrators. With his stolen phase pistol, he had already knocked out the guards, and he was now sprinting away from the cargo vessel. Alarms sounded throughout his former home and armed guards in black began to pursue him.
     There it was, almost 50ft ahead of him.
     A black motorcycle sporting blue neon trim sat unmanned and unprotected near a small shop. It was his only chance. It was a risk. The motorcycle may have been broken, or not had fuel. Fortunately, however, neither of those were the case. It even had the key. As the engine sparked to life, his freedom became reality. The guards soon stopped pursuing, and Ampelius sat protected in a small cave carved into the side of a mountain by a stream. Finally, he was able to rest. And rest he did. For two days, he rested in that cave; forging as necessary and drinking from the mineral-rich stream. After those two days, he took action.
     His first stop was the initial city he had visited. Ampelius was no thief, he had simply borrowed the bike. After about an hour, he reached the small town. The cargo ship had gone. He was safe.
     After parking the bike back where he had borrowed it from, he went up to the small wooden house it was beside. He presumed the owner(s) lived here. And so they did. Before he had a chance to knock, the door was opened, and a phase pistol pointed at his head. After demonstrating he was no threat, he admitted honestly that he had taken the bike. This earned him a rather painful but still kind of curious punishment.
     Seven residents, seven punches. All while a string instrument was played in the background. By the end, his face was beginning to show a bruise and was numb. Soon after everyone had given their form of punishment, who he assumed was the hostess of the event approached, and offered her hand.
     That day, he had eaten the best meal he had tasted in his whole life, and it was with a family he had never known. A family he later became part of.
     The Varley family was sad to see their new member leave after four years, but they were happy for Ampelius. He had helped them for such a long time, and they wanted to repay the favor. Off he went headed for a spaceport. The motorcycle was a gift given to him as a sort of souvenir. What awaits him now is in his hands. We shall see how he fares.

I'm in the process of starting a thread. Writing it now.

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Ampelius Mümtaz Varley

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