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 The First Declaration of War

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The First Declaration of War  Empty
Public#1PostSubject: The First Declaration of War    The First Declaration of War  EmptyFri Oct 13, 2017 8:51 pm

It was the exploration vessel, Nike, that first experienced these monsters. They pledged no allegiance to no one as far as we could tell but it made them even more ruthless. They were exploring further out away from Helix and the GSU that we were told was in the other direction. The logs we had retrieved from the ships were awful. Only the military and Cameron Fier have been authorized to hear the logs and see the camera shots.

~Report From Vice Admiral~ 

~Log of Nike~ 
00:34: Logs working, Systems Functional, Life Thriving: End Log
01:22: Logs working, Systems Functional, Life Thriving, Anomaly Detected 34 Degrees North: End Log
02:14: Logs working, Systems Functional, Life Thriving, Anomaly Detected 2 Degrees North: End Log
02:16: Logs working, Systems Critical, Life Varied, Hull Breach Detected: End Log
02:54 Logs working, Systems Offline, Live (2), Multiple Hull Breaches: End Log
03:01 Logs Malfunctioned Ejecting Box, Systems Offline, Lives: Error, Multiple Breaches, Extreme Cold: Final Log
~Log Received and Transferred Location~ 

Cameron the cameras that were recovered with full data are far more disturbing viewer discretion is advised and this should be in private. 

The first video was of the outside at around 1:56 when the ship first came into view. It was much larger than the camera could see but at the time the ship logged the first hull breach a large projectile was shot at point-blank range ripping right through the side. Then the ship not wasting any time slammed into the ship where the camera footage switches to the inside at the hallway that was breached. All the cameras on the ship subsequently cut off and then the footage was switched to a helmet camera from one of the marines stationed. At this point, the camera was shaky and unfocused but multiple heat signatures could be seen at the end of the hallway as well as the names of the friendly officers staggered along the hallway their guns firing nonstop. Screaming was heard as something scuttle across the ceiling before dropping down onto an officer blood spurting across the camera. It cut out for a little while before coming back online on a foreign and messy ship. There were two remaining officers and as the helmet was ripped off the one wearing it you could see the mess they were actually in. There were dozens of men around and a single old revolver sitting in between. 

~Stop Reading if you are sensitive~ {Both OOC and for Cameron} 
The shouting stopped as the area quieted. A man with dreadlocks stepped up and said something in a guttural language before pointing at the gun and then to their heads. The camera feed showed them both shaking their heads. He said something else before backhanding one of the men. After more physical punishment the first officer picked up the gun with shaking hands. He spun the barrel and put it to his head sweat pouring down his face. He gulped and pulled the trigger. 
He had survived the first round and it was the others turn. He chose a faster approach and took the gun spinning it and then quickly putting it to his head and pulling the trigger fast. 
He slid it back over visibly letting out a breath. The other guy took his time before pulling the trigger. 
This time the man was less quick as he took a deep breath his eyes traveling to the guy in between them. He swiveled the gun around quickly putting the bullet through this mans head. Immediately he was gunned down from behind the man's blood splattering on the other man. He threw up as the dead man was repeatedly shot. Another man with dreads stepped forward and motioned for him to continue. Now he was crying and shook his head. He punched him hard and the man succumbed as he put the gun to his head. He pulled the trigger and an accompanying loud blast was heard. Cheering was heard after as the camera was now splattered with blood. The feet cut out before coming back on the now destroyed ship. It was positioned so you could see all the bodies specifically placed into crude positions. The video screen went black as the blast was heard again this time the ship exploding.
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The First Declaration of War

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