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 The Black God

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The Imperium
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Public#1PostSubject: The Black God   The Black God EmptyMon Oct 16, 2017 1:26 pm

"Orewa o ShinShin ga daisuke nandayou"


A ghostly scream echoed across the vast apartment complex. Though, screams were a common feature of Verun 5; almost every 5 minutes you'd hear someone dying or screaming amidst the dystopian buildings and industrial fogs. The constant crimes didn't help either. On Verun 5, one would find the lowliest of scum in the Galaxy; mercenaries, assassins, rapists, drug dealers, murderers, bandits, thieves, and all manner of individuals visited the planet. 

Erina's eyes were instantly opened as she jolted awake; pistol in hand, aimed at the door. That scream was different from the usual; the faint traces of magic in the air did not help to alleviate the tense atmosphere. Then there was the strange feeling in her stomach that something was not right. 

Then another similar scream echoed, and the Elven mercenary had enough as she grabbed her gear and stepped out of her room....unaware of the looming darkness upon Verun 5.....
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The Black God

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