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 Jonas Anatess (Helix Campaign Oracle)

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Jonas Anatess (Helix Campaign Oracle) Empty
Campaign#1PostSubject: Jonas Anatess (Helix Campaign Oracle)   Jonas Anatess (Helix Campaign Oracle) EmptyWed Oct 18, 2017 11:04 pm

Name: Jonas Anatess
Species: Leverian
Age: 34
Faction: Leverian Legion
Alignment: Lawful neutral


Technical operations, communications, adaptive systems

Weak in live combat ability, agorophobic.



one Eye II class scout corvette scanning vessel.

This particular man is a savant with multitasking and stress mitigation.

Jonas found himself born into the Leverian Legion, joining the Navy at sixteen.  Unfortunately, due to weak test scores in combat simulations, he was not selected for the Arbiter program, and was eventually relegated to bridge crew of a frigate.  There, he learned to manage stress in those around him as well as in himself, alongside operating multiple sensor systems at once.

Quickly ranked up from a comm officer to a master tactical board technician, and finished out his career on a carrier.

When the Carrier he was on was crippled in battle with the Broken Obelisk, his high scores in obscure control systems and his mastery of sensor and communications equipment made him a natural fit for the EitS program, and was one of fifteen initial batch candidates. 

He graduated third in the class and was granted Eye II-IV, "Melanie."  The AI in this ship had suffered a defect, causing extreme anxiety and for it to often go full burn in the middle of training exercises with no warning.  Jonas was able to calm the small ship down enough to remember how to cloak, and fall deeper into that cloaked warmth of undetection.

Often described as a calming, reassuring presence, Jonas grew quite capable of any mission required, and was quickly recommended for the joint faction operation, the Dire Wolf Squad.  Their logo was painted on Melanie's hull, and he was sent off, bearing gifts for the Impirium Viscount and for the members of his would-be team.



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Jonas Anatess (Helix Campaign Oracle) Empty
Campaign#2PostSubject: Re: Jonas Anatess (Helix Campaign Oracle)   Jonas Anatess (Helix Campaign Oracle) EmptyThu Oct 19, 2017 10:59 pm

(psst, Dire Wolves are A GSU Squad)

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Jonas Anatess (Helix Campaign Oracle)

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