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 Developing history of the Empire

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The history of the Imperium in the Milky way is summed up to the following timeline.

{Second Age of Rebound}

  • July 2514:The Varanus Ark crashes on the planet now known as New Serpentum.

  • August 2514:The Varanus begin reconstruction efforts using the parts of the Ark.

{The First Imperium}

  • August 2564:The Varanus reenters their space age and begins exploration of the milky way,mapping almost a 1/4 of the galaxy in the first few months.

  • August 2564:The Pirate Morgan Brothers raid several Varanus Recon vessels.

  • October 2564:The Varanus begin expanding outside the New Serpentum System.

  • The Varanus encounters the Immortals on Omega leading to a diplomatic disaster.The Varanus learns of several new spacefaring civilizations,the military demands action.

  • November 2564:The Varanus colonizes Argatu and Count Raxus Imar is named Governor of the planet.

  • December 2564:The Varanus vassalizes Farnin and establishes the Grand Duchy of Farnin and serves as the market and border world of the Empire to the Outer worlds sector.

  • The Varanus commits to fertility rites to populate the new planets.

  • Varanus scouts encounter and aid the survivors of the Atrata Federation.Hostility towards Demons increases.

  • The Vu'ury Class Frigate is once again produced in the shipyards.

  • Emperor Sagess falters in health contracting a slow form of dementia.He remains capable to rule the Empire

  • January 2565:One of the Morgan Brothers die at the hands of a Gurand.The pirate organization falters. 

  • Immortal expansion causes concern for the Imperial Court.

  • The Serpentum Legion mobilizes it's forces and begins mass training in response to the growing rumors of war between the Immortals and the upcoming power of the Reich.

  • August 2565:Immortal diplomats meet on New Serpentum at the Citadel to discuss an alliance with the Empire.The request is denied due to political pressure place on them by other powers.

  • The Varanus secures a pact with the Reich.

  • The Imperium colonizes Turun and builds the largest mineral refinery in the Northern Galaxy.

  • The Immortal-Reich War begins.The Imperium joins the Reich

  • October 2565:The Immortal-Reich war ends with the death of Ayil.

  • The Imperium releases the occupied worlds of Apex and Anthir back to the Immortals.

  • Farnin is quarantined to prevent spread of Ayil's weaponized scythe parasite.

  • An cure is developed to counter the parasite however the side effects marks it as a failure to the BioCorps.

  • The Imperium enters a period of isolation.

{The Rise of Helix 2565-2567}

  • Reports of machines destroying the Northern galaxy reaches the isolated empire.The Emperor chooses the empire to remain dormant and increase defenses.

  • Immortal and Kyodain refugees flood Farnin causing the Civil Administration implement the 'Korkan Act' restricting citizenship to Varanus and Farnin humans only.This causes riots forcing police action.

  • The Imperium enters war against Helix,conscripting the refugees into militarized auxiliary levys with the promise of citizenship if they fight in the Empire's name.

  • The Imperium sends the Blackguard Coalition to recover a data drive from Allui station that contains infomation on Daniel Almis's hand in Helix's Creation.This causes outcry from the Imperial Court demanding to know if Helix was a GSU plot gone wild to destroy the Reich.

  • The Serpentum Defense Fleet establishes a buffer zone between the Imperial Core Worlds and Helix occupied space.

  • Without consulting the advisors of the Imperial Court,the Emperor and his flagship warp to GSU space to ask for aid,only to mysteriously dissapear without ever reaching it's destination.

  • After several failed investigations the Emperor is assumed to have been killed,the Court enters a uproar claiming assassination from various parties.The Grand Imperator takes command of the Empire in defense of Amara Sagess,daughter of the Emperor's claim.

  • Many of the elder nobles feel Amara is incapable of her claim,citing the Hatchling to be nothing more but a puppet to the Grand Imperator. The pretender Nobles begin funding their own private armies from the ranks of the Legion and refugee levy.

  • The War of Succession begins splitting the empire's forces into Loyalist and Pretender sides.

  • Count Arbash of House Omon sneaks assassins into the Citadel but they are slain at the hands of Gurand-Kah Kaiyan Vivar who then duels Count Arbash to death,leading to the fall of House Omon through the honor trail.

  • The resulting civil war creates a opening in the defensive line,Helix uses this to siege New Serpentum leading to the death of the several high ranking officials,nobles and the Princess ending the Sagess line and placing New Serpentum under Helix occupation.

  • A mass evacuation takes place moving 87% of the Imperial population to frontier outposts and refugee camps in the Western and Southern Galaxy,the Imperial administration falters and the remaining military forces fall under the command of the Grand Imperator.

  • The Imperium falls and becomes a empire in exile.Several warlords rise to take power but are slain by the Grand Imperator almost as soon as they rose.

{Empire in Exile}

  • Station Ive'rr a frontier outpost established to monitor the borders between the Inner worlds sector and the now defunct Nypherian sector becomes the unofficial administrative capital of the exiled empire.

  • Viscount Raxus Imar is voted as spokesman for the Imperial Court as well as regent until the Terrasque throne can be reclaimed with the fall of Helix.

  • He orders the navy to seek out the remains of the various Northern factions to join the empire in reclaiming their worlds.

  • The Reich and Clan Kyodain survivors are absorbed into the Imperium,despite this rise in number it still wasn't enough to push Helix back.

  • The Viscount invites the other powers to discuss a alliance against Helix.

{The Second Imperium}



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Developing history of the Empire

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