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 The Economics of the Imperium

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The Imperium
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#1PostSubject: The Economics of the Imperium   Fri Oct 20, 2017 8:14 am

Because of the vast differences in Imperial society as well as the different economic systems practiced by the former northern civilizations now absorbed into the empire,the Empire adopted a mixed economic system that valued planetary specialization and standardized industry.

The Economic system is recognized by the Imperial government as a form of control and practices this control through Mercantilism,State intervention and regulations placed to prevent the private sector from replacing the government and it's influence on the people.The state itself is reliant on taxation and tributes from various planetary states while the resources private businesses need must be inspected and measured by the Serpentum Trade Guilds upon acquisition,failure to do so results in state capture of assets or taxation on said resources.

Thus the Imperial economy is a mixture of the following systems with varied degrees of use:

  • Mercantilism
  • Free Market
  • Planned economy
  • Barter Economy

Mercantilism:The Empire promotes expansion and colonization of worlds then approves of the distribution of the newly acquired resources through merchants who process it for export or use by the Imperial citizenry.

Free market:The Empire has various private corporations who help lessen the strain of state control on the market,these corporations are responsible for generating a stable economy within Imperial space and to trade exports with other corporate and business models to generate money for themselves and the state leading to a richer community.Most arms manufactures outside the Engineering Corps fall into this category with the Military Industrial Complex the state promotes.

Planned Economy:The Empire {specifically in the Core systems and Varanus populated worlds} has centralized businesses controlled directly by the Empire,these businesses focus sorely on progression and development of Imperial society whilst providing the needed services and resources the empire needs to function on it's own with maximum efficiency and to improve underdeveloped worlds to the high standards the Empire wishes to hold.

Barter Economy:Not all planetary systems and duchies are as developed as the Core Imperial worlds or the Imperium overall and some prefer not to practice such economic systems,so to supplement this the Empire trades for one resource with another considered of equal value.This allows the Empire to trade with more primitive societies within their empire without causing a cultural shock that damages their racial culture.


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The Economics of the Imperium

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