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 Enter the Hallowed Realm: Halloween Event

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Enter the Hallowed Realm: Halloween Event Empty#1PostSubject: Enter the Hallowed Realm: Halloween Event   Enter the Hallowed Realm: Halloween Event EmptySun Oct 22, 2017 1:09 pm

Men say, that in this midnight hour,
The disembodied have power
To wander as it liketh them,
By wizard oak and fairy stream,—
Through still and solemn places,
And by old walls and tombs, to dream,
With pale, cold, mournful faces....

Welcome to Hallow's Eve.

Begin the Nightmares
Never before has there been a Hallow's Eve without the duality of Life and Death, Light and Dark. The Celestials and their guardians watched the veils of the realms to ensure nothing so wicked or cruel ever snatched from the mortal world as it had so many centuries ago. However now the Celestials have retreated to their own realm upon fear of extinction, and their guardians are long forgotten. Nothing stands to guard the veil in the harrowing night to come. No one is safe from the Nightmare.

Enter the Hallowed Realm
Upon the strike of night there comes the Midnight Hour, a time in which only the Hallowed Realm exists. In the depths of sleep you will find yourself taken to this realm and trapped; force to experience your worst fears and give up all your power. You might relive your darkest days, be tricked into submitting your powers or possessions, or simply have to find your way to escape before the Hallowed Realm claims you forever. Fortunately you do not have to face these horrors alone. It is possible to find others who have been stolen in the Hallowed Realm and work together to escape.

Because of its intent and nature, the Hallowed Realm has no set geography or appearance. It is dark and malicious, forming itself to match whatever the inhabitants would fear or disdain the most. There are no doors or portals for exits; instead those trapped must overcome the lock of the mind. Be prepared to trust nothing you see and fight against everything you fear. The inhabitants will seek to devour your soul and flesh; Witches trapped for their sins; Jack'o'Lanterns and Scarecrows animated to instill terror, Wraiths and Ghouls born only to cause suffering.

If they do not claim you, then madness will...

Participation and Rewards
A new forum, The Hallowed Realm, is open for you to group up and write threads in exploring this dark place; or better yet explore the darkest sides of your characters minds. If however you prefer to face the nightmares alone, you can also post a story in our Convergence Stories section. All significant participation will be rewarded with a Halloween Award and the chance to obtain Relics from the Hallowed Realm. The best writer in the event chosen by Staff will also receive a unique Award.

We hope you enjoy this event and use it as a chance to detail the darkest parts of your characters.
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Enter the Hallowed Realm: Halloween Event

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