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 Septim Crowns

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Following the reformation into the second Imperium a new form of currency arose to replace the Serpentum Slivers that used to be the Varanus's coin system.The reason for the change was to adhere to the new economy rather then place value on the old system of services and barter.

Septim Crowns {Crowns} became the official currency of the Imperium following the end of September 2568 and it was a coinage system that gained it's value via shape and ore.It's stock value compared to the Galactic Credit was determined by the holdings and resources the Empire contained throughout the galaxy.

Each coin is printed with a symbol that usually show's it's place of origin for example. Coins that are printed and taxed from the Immortal Duchy sector will contain imagery of their heroes and landmarks,whilst coins from New Serpentum will contain the faces of Vikah nobles and other things of societal importance.This allows the Imperial Treasury and the Empire's various banks to trace every crown that flows through the market. 


Value system:

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There are 2 measurements of value.

Shape and the colour which determines the ore used to print it and is ranked from bottom to top.


  1. Circle
  2. Crescent
  3. Square


  1. Golden{Gold ore}
  2. Silver{Kumetal}
  3. Bronze{Zerrak}


Bronze Square coin=1 Credits
Silver Square coin=5 Credits
Gold Square coin=10 Credits

Bronze Crescent coin=20 Credits
Silver Cresent coin=50 Credits
Gold Cresent coin=100 Credits

Bronze circle coin=200 Credits
Silver Circle coin=500 Credits
Gold Circle coin=1000 Credits


Most state payments{Military,Diplomacy and Infrastructure} are done physically to prevent laundering via manipulation of market monitoring systems as well to allow physical taxation of world's who deny computerized archives of their economics.However most citizenry do transactions digitally via implants/Data spheres/Crown Chit by storing their physical wealth within the empire's collection of planetary banks who in turn provide protection and fair interest rates in return for a fee the bank keeps. 


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Septim Crowns

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