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 Keithen Nieminen

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Keithen Nieminen

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Keithen Nieminen Empty#1PostSubject: Keithen Nieminen   Keithen Nieminen EmptyWed Oct 25, 2017 2:29 am

Name: Keithen Nieminen
Species: Human
Age: 25
Faction: N/A ATM
Alignment: Good atm


Sensing things far off
Close-Medium ranged enemies and combat
Fighting in the dark
Knives, Swords and Daggers (he isn't so great with guns)

Ranged enemies 
Concentrating on his powers and speaking at the same time


Do they have any weapons or items of significance?
Glasses - these glasses aren't just any ordinary glasses they allow him to actually see things when he has them off. When he takes them off he goes blind again
Electric Powered Daggers - these babies have a crystal core in them and he runs his electricity through them to give it extra sharpness and damage (depending on the target of course and weather or not they are weak to electricity) other then that it works just as well as any dagger except electric
Hidden Throwing/Reg Knives

Electrokinesis - manipulation and generation of electricity, he uses this also so send shock waves through the air to paint a mental picture of the area around him. Think of echolocation with bats

Feltciy - A small border collie. She is Keithens best friend who he saved as a newborn puppy from the streets during his depression.  She is a happy dog who loves and would lick anyone to death. The two of them are found together one walks or playing ball. 


Keithen grew up a normal life except he had an eye condition called Choroideremia (genetic condition that causes progressive loss of vision due to degeneration of the retina and the network of blood vessels behind the retina called the choroid) due to that he is losing his eyesight. Slowly but surely. His mother and father did not mind that their son had such a condition and they raised him as if nothing was different. 
In school he was bullied and picked on, tripped and even had a few terrible pranks pulled on him. This lowered his self esteem and he got into drugs and went into major dpression leading to the scars on his wrists which he covers up with gloves.
Eventually he got through the rough patch and straightened out some deciding to hide his inner struggles and dark side by helping others. Even cooking a buffet for a single person. As his eye sight went he remained optimistic on the outside trying to think positively.


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Keithen Nieminen

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