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 Imperial Humanity

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Humanity under the Imperium.

The Zodarrin-Kah known as Humans have had a tremendous effect on the Imperium,even more so with the rise of the second Imperium that foregoes the old Pro-Varanus policies to adopt it's multiracial stance aimed at empowering all races that was considered Imperial citizens first and alien second.

Societal change:

Humans adapted rather quickly to changes under Imperialized society and their drive to better themselves and their kin proved valuable to the new empire,the humans comprise of overwhelming amounts of different backgrounds and subraces making it one of the more diverse races with a decentralized culture and because of this it became difficult to enforce coexistence between humans themselves as the differences between humans originating from GSU colonies,Reich homeworlds and Immortal planets had very different ideologies rooted in their culture.The Imperial Civil Administration made careful plans that would ultimately help develop peace between the various human ethics through means both benevolent and controversial.

Imperial humanity makes up the largest population under the Varanus only by a mere 12% difference and thus Imperialized human culture has developed into the empire's mainstream developments.One of these developments was the change of the military forces from a single overwhelming legion to a Imperial army comprising of specialized branches whilst another was the introduction of the Zorass-Act that allowed magic to be used by the general population but under strict watch of the I.J.F.

To this day humans are proving themselves as great providers to the Imperial Vision.

Relations with other citizenry.

"It's quite simple you either love and respect the softskins or you despise them"-Extract from a Varanus Citizen.

It's no secret that humans within the Empire are seen with mixed views,some praise their contributions to Imperial society whilst others view them as frail and self-centered creatures that would disrupt the path towards the Imperial Vision. 

However thanks to reformist propaganda and *other* means the majority of the citizen population view each other including the humans as fellow Imperials rather then the "softskins" they are mockingly called.But humans and their rather charismatic nature have allowed them to not only coexist with the other Imperial races but make great friends among them as well.

Status in the Imperial Military.

Like all major citizen species it is expected for humans to contribute to the Imperial armed forces in it's mission to defend and expand the empire,thanks to countless wars in their history including the recent Demonic Crusade Wars and the skirmishes between the Reich and now the Helix Machines has made humanity no stranger to conflict.The Varanus however know of the frailties of the human physique and instead of using humanity as a direct force like the Legion it prefers to use the human forces as mechanized troops to rapidly deploy in conflict zones.This tactic has proven useful considering humans are quite creative and can adapt to the ever-changing conditions of the battlefield and even face overwhelming odds in daring fanaticism that has earned the respect of some of the most traditional Varanus Legates.

Humans have also proven themselves capable naval personnel and currently holds the most admirals within the Imperial navy and even sparked a change in the Imperial navy from being a mass of capital ships to include ever growing numbers of carriers.

Transhumanism in the empire.

While not enforced by the Imperial Civil Administration many humans have been augmented to bring minor enhancements to their senses and physique due to the advanced medicines provided by the Imperial BioCorps and the many wounded and disabled refugees that flooded the Imperium.

These enhancements have aided the rather frail humans to fair better among other citizen species that have significant physical advantages,these enhancements however aren't embraced my all human citizens for fears of meddling with nature or religious reasons and several cases of these transhumans abusing their enhancements over their own have been reported and dealt with before.Regardless most humans in the Imperium have embraced some form of enhancement and the lines between human and transhuman have blurred in the eyes of the Civil Administration.

The augmentations are also a sign of the citizen's status and history as veteran soldiers usually gain many augmentations to replace their lost limbs and organs whilst the degraded and poor carry old augmentations they are unable to pay to maintain.The prosperous and rich however maintain minimal augmentations or pay well to make it appear as natural as possible. 

These enhancements are one of the key features of identifying a Imperial Human from outsider humans.


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Imperial Humanity

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