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 Akkran Highrock

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Akkran Highrock
Akkran Highrock

Chieftain of the Highrock Clans

The Highrock Clans
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Name: Akkran Highrock
Species: Orc
Age: 41
Faction: The Highrock Clans
Alignment: Neutral Good


Like most Orcs, Akkran is a fierce and powerful warrior, possessing both natural strength and trained skill in combat.
Akkran leads like the alpha of a wolfpack, making swift decisions and keeping his party rallied.

Akkran lacks the subtlety and agility of the civilized races like Humans and Elves, making him a slower fighter.
Akkran is largely useless with advanced technology, as he has not come across much of it in his tribal life.


Orcish Waraxe
Leather & Hide Armour

Akkran possesses a primal strength in combat, channeled by the power of his ancestors. This, however, is as magical as he gets.

Raised in the traditional warparties of Orcish history, Akkran took many spoils and earned glory fighting for his former clan; Bloodrock. Many years passed and he was set to become a great warchief, ready to take the names of the other clans and unite them once and for all. However before this could happen the Demonic Crusade came, enslaving his kind into fighting their war. This earned the Orcs disgust and hatred across the galaxy, even after they broke free from the Demon's spells.

Now, with bitter memories still in mind, Akkran has founded the new clan of Highrock, hoping to unite the races of the Remnant Sector together to restore their honour and live in peace.



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Akkran Highrock

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