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 Ira Ironfang

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Ira Ironfang
Ira Ironfang

The Highrock Clans
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Name: Ira Ironfang
Family: Horagg Ironfang (Father; Alive), Forlumi Highrock (Mother; Alive), Malkil Ironfang (Brother; Alive), Akkran Highrock (Uncle; Alive). 
Species: Orc
Age: 24
Home Planet: Orgrisk
Faction: The Highrock Clans
Alignment: Chaotic Good

-Ira is a powerful warrior, being an extremely capable shield maiden and sometimes rivalling the strength of her male peers. 
-Ira is more intelligent than the average orc, having taken time to learn to read and educate herself on matters of the galaxy whilst also learning from passing travellers. 

-Ira has no magical ability and therefore would be outmatched in battle with a powerful magic wielder. 
-Ira is slower in combat than more skilled races such as Elves or Humans because of her naturally larger build and her heavy weapon. 


Dual Sickles 

-Ira can draw on the natural orcish strength in battle and has increased endurance, this is as far as her supernatural abilities go. 

Ira was born to Horagg Ironfang, Chieftain of their clan and Forlumi of Clan Bloodrock (now Highrock), the sister of Akkran Highrock. As her parent's only child for seventeen years she was raised to be a fierce warrior as any other young orc male heir would be. She was largely prepared to inherit Clan Ironfang, until her brother Malkil was born. However, Ira did not feel envious at her brother's birth but relieved that she would no longer carry the weight and expectation of the entire clan on her shoulders. Taking an active role in orc politics and a deep interest in fixing their broken relations across the galaxy, Ira is involved with the efforts of her uncle to restore peace. 


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Ira Ironfang

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