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"How can we trust those who can move mountains with a mere thought,if unchecked power corrupts even the simple and weak."-Umkeer Zorass,the Head of the Vigil Magika whom the act is named after.

The Rules of the act:{Under construction}

Universal rules.

  • Mages must wear marked robes that signify their ability as magic users.
  • Mages must submit themselves to a state-sanctioned school practicing magic.
  • Mages must state their teachings of magic in their identification chit.
  • Mages must always wear their identification chit outside state schools.
  • Mages must adhere to the Vigil Magika and other Imperial governing bodies.

Rules per tier.


  • Alpha mages must remain inside state schools as not to endanger themselves or others until their powers develop to Beta.
  • Should Alpha Mages's studies take them outside the schools they must be accompanied by a ward who can protect them from others and themselves.


  • Beta Mages may enter and exits schools freely without a ward.
  • Beta Mages may craft a magical anchor {Staff,wand,ring,enc} that channels magical power,the costs of this anchor is paid by the Imperial Government.
  • Beta Mages may carry robes signifying their magical rank.
  • Beta Mages may join the Imperial army as a battlemage or support unit.


  • Gamma mages have Venator Magika bodyguards that while protecting the mage also keeps him/her/it under a tight leash.
  • Gamma mages carry robes with a golden thread.
  • Gamma mages are given access to form research teams to investigate magic across the galaxy
  • Gamma mages can own multiple magical anchors and even own magical artifacts.


There has been no case of Omega tier mages in the Imperium,any such mage would most likely be considered a threat to the Imperial Hegemony and placed under house arrest.

History that led to the act:

Magic is a complex issue in the Empire,it is suppressed and supported with various degrees of contempt and marvel at source of much power and suffering.The deep roots of this strange relationship began with the Varanus and their first industrial era eons past in another galaxy.It began with protests of the religious bodies of the early Confederacy who felt that the race was abandoning it's spirituality too quickly after the first unification,the priests used their magics to undermine the Confederacy until a great purge eliminated the Sects and ended the practice of magic in a race that had a natural affinity for it.

Despite the Imperium's stance on preserving it's cultural relics and ancient religious traditions this mistrust of magic remained even among the Vikah {Noble Caste} who inherited the affinity to cast such magics naturally,the practice of magic among the Vikah was rarely ever done and even less encouraged.When they first arrived in the Milky Way galaxy the dangers of magic became clear as the Imperial Court had no defense against it and their understanding of magical theory had long been forgotten in the wake of the Purge and Sigma Wars.This led to the formation of the Vigil Magika and an alliance with the Anti-Magic Reich who promised to aid should an magic-centric force attack the Imperial border.

Things changed after the fall of the Old Imperium and the reforms of 2568,refugees flooded the Imperial borders once more and this time the empire could not refuse to let their talents go to waste,so mages where allowed to live as citizens of the empire however their autonomy was limited and they lived under the boot of the Vigil Magika and the Venator Magika,the two being the magic police and Witchunter unit respectively,to maintain control over mages the empire also forced them into learning from state-owned universities that allowed them to pursue free study of magic with a great number of resources and study material but unlike their GSU or Valor counterparts they had to curry favour with the Imperial government and abide to it's various restrictions and focus towards militarized aspects of magic.

The infamous Zorass-Act was implemented to control the flow of mages the Imperium suddenly obtained from the ranks of the refugees,those who stood against the act where "re-educated" or publicly executed,while those who agreed to it began service as battlemages and researchers for the Empire.It's no secret that this festers some unrest with underground magical societies starting to spark a uprising of mages within the empire while others try to put mages in a better light to convince the Imperial Government to abolish the act like they did with slavery.

What effects this act will have remains to be seen.

Will it be abolished and render a magical Renaissance within the Imperium or will it fester and spark further disdain for the magical arts?  


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