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Purloin Empty#1PostSubject: Purloin   Purloin EmptySat Nov 11, 2017 12:46 am

Name: Purloin
Species: Demon
Age: ~600+
Faction: Allied with Mephistopheles
Alignment: Lawful Evil



  • Superhuman qualities typical of all demons including enhanced strength, speed, reflexes, endurance and durability.
  • Experienced combatant.
  • Cunning intellect.
  • Fantastic actor, able to blend into any role instantly.
  • Limited knowledge of magic.
  • Scientific knowledge.
  • Good businessman.


  • Vulnerable to magic-based attacks.
  • While human firearms hurt him less than they would a normal human, they can still kill him.



  • Modified GSU Executioner Pistols with enchantments that allow unlimited ammunition capacity and a damage boost.
  • Spiked whip.
  • Potion bottles.
  • Skull ring enchanted with a glamour.


  • Energy projection.
  • Limited manipulation of cosmic energy (bestowed by Mephistopheles).
  • Magical powers allow electric and fire-based attacks.

During its period of recovery, the realm of Hell and its inhabitant demons were without leadership. At numerous times, different demons came forth declaring leadership, only to be challenged by others who claimed the same. This continuous cycle of bloodshed finally came to an end when the strongest amongst them, a powerful demon named Purloin, successfully rose to the throne. With him he had a huge following which only grew the more his influence spread throughout the realm, until every demon that lived in Hell pledged allegiance to him at last. With his son, Endymion, by his side as his right hand man, Purloin began to develop plans to reignite the Demonic Crusade against Heaven and Earth.
By 2553, a final and brutal battle took place between the Heaven and Hell forces which dealt a severe blow to the opposition. At the end of it, Purloin mysteriously disappeared from Hell and his son was forced to take his place. In actuality, Purloin feared that the battle was already lost and fled Hell in order to take refuge on Earth. There, he hoped that he would be able to sit-out the destruction of Hell and its Demon population and then, when Humanity dropped their guard, he'd be able to rise again.

As a result, Purloin patiently bide his time. He successfully established a formal Human identity for himself: Patrick Hargrove. Through a mix of hypnotic manipulation and years of hard work, Purloin became a multi-billionaire and CEO of Meteor Enterprises: a private technologies manufacturer that occasionally received contracts from the military.

Purloin ignored Armageddon's invasion of Earth for the most part, however he actively took part in aiding Draetheus and Mephistopheles' avatar in instigating a Vampire VS Human war on Earth and later, attempted to help Draetheus acquire full access to the cosmic crystal's power by secretly supplying him with technology and weaponry. All of these attempts failed and Purloin once again stepped back into the shadows, waiting for an opportunity to strike.

At some point, Purloin's company came across Heather, former Queen of Heaven. Purloin had her captured and had a series of brutal experiments performed on her in which she was driven utterly insane. Powered by an unquenchable thirst for revenge against Kittiana, Purloin set her loose in hopes that she would seek out Kitty and kill her. He also managed to obtain DNA remnants of Spartan Max-503 who he cloned and programmed to kill Spartan Aaron-157 under the guise of revenge. Through other experiments and recruitment, Purloin created a team consisting of Heather, Max, a reprogrammed Hyper-soldier from Draetheus's army, a rogue Spartan super-soldier and a Human host forcibly possessed by the Vengeance (a fragment of Zarathos that represented his rage). He supplied this team with a ship and set them loose against the heroes of the UNSC, in hopes that all of his major enemies would be destroyed. This plan however, failed.

At some point after the Battle of Haven, Purloin was contacted by Mephistopheles who had disappeared shortly after Draetheus died. It was here that he was given the chance to exact his revenge on the GSU only if he helped Mephistopheles - that is his true self that was locked away in a different pocket-realm, fulfill his own goals. It was here that Purloin was granted limited control over cosmic energy to use to his advantage and a new task: locate and secure an ancient artifact crucial to Mephisto's plan.
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Purloin Empty#2PostSubject: Re: Purloin   Purloin EmptySun Nov 19, 2017 2:08 pm

This seems like an interesting character ^^
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