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 The Galactic Cook

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The Galactic Cook Empty#1PostSubject: The Galactic Cook   The Galactic Cook EmptySun Nov 12, 2017 1:20 pm

The Intro plays as we are greeted by the chef on the back of a Camel
"Oh hey zere! I didn't see you zere while i sat on on my Space Camels back! Well what can i say except, Zis fine, muscular...tendermeated....SOMEBODY HAND ME A-" 
The Show gets interrupted by static and goes back to the Chef mumbling curses crossarmed ontop of the space camel
"Stupid Contract and producers telling me what i can and ca- AHEM Sorry for zat petite interruption i got abit carried away zere...hehe...Anyway i'm ontop of zis camel because it is the automobile of ze desert, wich desert you may want to know?" The Chef leaned closer to the Camera and winked "Why a Space Desert of course you dummy! But why are we in a desert? Because we're going to look for the Bushpeople and we'll seek zeir ways in ze All around art of Cooking, So let's go!" 
The Camel went off with the chef holding a Proud pose while the Morons are dragged along in a basket attached to the camel with a String
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The Galactic Cook

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