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 The Dust Planet's Call

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#1PostSubject: The Dust Planet's Call   Sun Nov 12, 2017 6:03 pm

[Initianing Message]

"This is a emergency broadcast message to anyone out there!"
"The planet Umbra-Thesis is currently suffering EXTREME amounts earthquakes,tornados and lightning and its only increasing more and more!"
"We need help evacuating the population of the planet has scanners shows activity of the core turning extremely unstable and about to collapse on itself at any moment!"

-Faint Sounds Of Screams,Thunder,Strong Winds in the background only for a sound of a building falling slowly getting lowder-


[Connection Lost...]
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#2PostSubject: Re: The Dust Planet's Call   Sun Nov 12, 2017 10:35 pm

A Leverian Opal Star class Carrier is the one that receives this transmission. It is followed closely by a "Harbinger of Damnation" Battle ship since the increase of Broken Obelisk attacks. "Commander, we have picked up a distress beacon from a planet, its not good.." A lean light skinned Leverian is in the commander's chair. "Set course for Umbra-Thesis, Send a Eye II in advance, we don't want any surprises. "Yes Commander.." 

A small ship exits the large carrier, it warps almost immediately leaving a large signature on the radar, the Eye II's where a rounding success, though there was a sensitive matter with the creator at the moment, for she was stuck in GSU space without any hope of leaving soon. The Commander shook her head, "Has the Eye reached Umbra-Thesis?"  A shocked looking face turned around to the commander 
"Its worse then they said.. whole entire geographic collapse is imminent in mere days. 
"Someone! Hail the Arcaneia, this is a level 5 crisis! Set course for Umbra-Thesis, we have a population to save!" 
"Engaging Hybrid warp drive! Get ready to light their radars UP!"

The Massive ships slowly maneuvered to jump, the smaller of the two -the Battleship- was the first to jump out, then the Opal Star. Once the ships exited the wormhole the sight they were met with was straight up horrifying. A planet lay in front of the ships, it looked apocalyptic, rivers of lava burned through the clouds and the dust of the planet seemed to be charred black in some places. "Prepare to bring the Opal Star down, get the drop ships ready!" The Giant ship entered the slowly thinning atmosphere. the flames licked the bottom of it as it made its slow descent. a sign of hope for those on the surface.

-Innistrad 17
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The Dust Planet's Call

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