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 The Shattering Of Umbra-Thesis

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Public#1PostSubject: The Shattering Of Umbra-Thesis   Sun Nov 12, 2017 9:06 pm

[Note:If you wanna participate in this read the post talking about Umbra-Thesis so you dont get confused about certain things. :/]

"RUN!!!!"The people evacuating civillians screamed has they would try to keep themselves up while not getting dragged off by a tornado or hit by lightning.
The Dust Ranger would be on the ship with the most civillians,trying to use his powers so the umbra dust carried by the tornados would not enter the ship and cause things to malfunction.
Thunder would hit the top of building and hit people,but it would have such power it was able to shatter parts of buildings on hit.
Tornado's would take with them buildings and umbra dust colored red from the body's of the recently deceased...
Earthquakes would make rifts in the ground,people and buildings falling into darkness....

Some people that stayed back to help the civillians knew magic and tried using it to help but to no avail...
Slowly cracks emitting a white incorporial version of umbra dust would fly into the sky and stopping at the atmosphere...with each second the cracks getting bigger.....
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Public#2PostSubject: Re: The Shattering Of Umbra-Thesis   Sun Nov 12, 2017 11:54 pm

The Opal Star hovered over a city, the high speed winds had no effect on the two giant ships that entered the atmosphere of Umbra-Thesis. Soon several drop ships exited the ship, they didn't fair too well against the high winds. They rocked back and forth violently as the winds hit them, this wasn't going to be easy, and it certainly will take awhile. Maybe even longer then they had. Once the dropships landed several Leverian troops ran out, "Come on! We're here to help!" 

The Leverian Drop ships all made it down on the ground miraculously, but getting up would be a whole entire different story. Everything was crumbling, small quakes shook the dropships as they started to load people up, the shields surrounding the dropships prevented dust from entering, but it couldn't stop a bolt of lightning hitting one of the ships causing it to explode. The injured Leverians where dragged onto ships, cries of pain were lost to the winds. 

"Oh Gods.. Where the hell is the Arcaneia?!" The Opal Star could take beating from the lightning and the tornadoes, but it's shields were beginning to lessen. The giant ship slowly moved over to where the majority of the ships where, taking most of the hits from the lightning. A few Arbiters were sent down as well to help with protecting the dropships. "This is the Arcaneia, hows the evacuating?" the commander of the Opal Star replied in a shaky tone "I would say that it is going smoothly, but i would be lying." A bolt of lightning hit the Opal Star causing the ship to shake. "We need your help Arcaneia!"

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Public#3PostSubject: Re: The Shattering Of Umbra-Thesis   Mon Nov 13, 2017 8:57 pm

The Imperium had mostly ignored Umbra's cries for aid because of the war with Helix,this however did not stop the crew of the INS "Tor'Tuk" from arriving to lend aid as part of an unofficial relief effort.

They remained outside the atmosphere and observed the chaos of a rapid planetary collapse,they had not the manpower to evacuate the entire planet but they did have one of the Worldsculptors of the Engineering Corps aboard who specialized in planetary sciences and terraforming.

Several attempts where made with unshielded dropships to contact the surface but all ships malfunctioned as the sand interfered with the electronics.


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Public#4PostSubject: Re: The Shattering Of Umbra-Thesis   

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The Shattering Of Umbra-Thesis

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