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 The Shadows of Kumaktole

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The Shadows of Kumaktole LiSt9Q4 Member of the Month

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The Shadows of Kumaktole 202caa10
"Only in death are we set free"-Shadow Saying.

The mysterious order of Varanus assassins who serve their patron god Kumaktole {The god of death} by mastering the art of killing.They serve the Imperium as political assassins and clandestine forces at the behest of only the most powerful of Imperial Nobles in the Court.Outside that they have no obligation to serve the empire and keep to themselves in their temple on New Serpentum.

Little is known on how the fanatical Shadows where formed and the exact date of their formation is unclear and unstated in Imperial Records.


Shadow Recruit:

The training of new shadows is a collection of grueling physical and mental trials including some sacrifices such as the removal of the reproductive organs and the removal of the horns upon reaching initiation.It is well known that the shadows enjoy pain and encourage it through their training,many recruits die as chemical inhibitors are given that hinders their natural regeneration.Recruits are broken up into teams who work together to pass the trails.

However upon reaching the final trails the team is brought to a choice of having to kill one another to advance or to be slain by the order itself.The final survivor of each squad will ascend to initiate and their real training as a shadow would begin.

They would be taught to track their prey and master every weapon type known to the Imperium,it's even rumored that the Shadows use certain magics where their technology fails to grant them a advantage over their quarry however it's also known that magic to the Varanus is a lost art meaning it's use would probably be limited even to the Shadows who remain outside the Zorass-Act.

The Shadows do not fear death but rather revel in it,they are known to tattoo themselves through thermal burns on their scales upon each kill and it's said that a shadow covered in such burns would ascend upon their death to stand beside Kumaktole as spirits of vengeance.  


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The Shadows of Kumaktole

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